I <3 NYC: Day TWO

Day two started as the sun rose >> ran my Virtual 10K through Central Park  and then returned to the hotel to get our Christmas Day started!

We visited NYC without really having a plan; I mean, other than my big three (run, bagel, pizza) we were pretty open to anything.  And good thing too, since visiting over Christmas meant a bevy of closures on the holiday!

Nevertheless, we decided to take a stroll…stroll might be an understatement…because we thought it would be fun to walk through several neighborhoods en route to the Staten Island Ferry.

Manhattan for newbs.


So, we set off, walking from Times Square/Midtown area, down through the Garment District, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, East Village, Little Italy, Chinatown and eventually down to the Financial District.  I took lots of pictures and now that I look at them, I gotta wonder what kind of theme I was going for…because they are quite random – so I jazzed ’em up for a RANDOM WALKING TOUR OF MANHATTAN photo essay:

Interactive window display?
Neat old building
Hubs reluctantly posing 🙂
Fun with filters 😀
The New York Stock Exchange
Me on the Brooklyn Bridge!
Lady Liberty

…whew!  Some items not pictured: Chinatown (not sure how that happened, it was SOO big) and the bull on Bowling Green (I have one pic, but it’s so full of people you barely see the bronze statue!)  Oh, and if you were wondering…we didn’t do the ferry because I was scared of all the birds in Battery Park…giant pigeons, seagulls…ugh.  Unsanitary.  Terrifying.

But anywho!

It was really neat to see everything by foot, but after all that stomping around, our appetites were on high alert.  Thankfully, hubs had his handy Yelp app ready to go, and we were glad to be within very close distance to Eighty Four on Seventh.  I honestly was much too hungry to take pictures at this point, but I was pretty amused to see the ladies sitting next to us whipping out their lenses for some macro shots of their meals!

Restaurant interior.


Brunch was being served, though it was around 3 PM by the time we ordered.  We ordered an appetizer (jalapeno hushpuppies with maple butter) and then hubs got a fish and chips dish, while I opted for a pear salad.  We enjoyed every bite!!  My salad had a red-wine poached half pear, as well as bleu cheese and candied walnuts over mesclun greens…can’t go wrong with that combination 😀

After our meal, we headed back out, walking a bit more before finding a subway station to experience it for the first time!  It was surprisingly easy to navigate, once we had our tickets purchased (holy moly were those ticket machines OLD looking!) and had another low key evening back at the hotel…with a stop the Europa Cafe  across the street, of course, for a hot coffee and a black and white cupcake!

Stay tuned for Day THREE, coming Monday!

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