Racing into 2012!

23:28 - PR to start 2012!

On New Year’s Eve, right before I headed out to meet my Team for our Saturday long run, I was reading over my coach’s e-mail about New Year’s 5Ks and thought, “hey, I haven’t run a 5K since last October…”

In Charlottesville alone, there were two events to choose from – the First Night 5K (Saturday) and the New Year’s Day 5K (Sunday).  They were both scheduled 11 AM starts and I guessed would be about the same field size.

After some deliberation, I decided to go for the New Year’s Day event, as I thought a race to begin the year sounded great.  So, I registered online and completed our 12-miler with a spring in my step, thinking about the race the next day.

Sunday morning, I woke up – before the alarm, which I had set for 7 AM – old habits, I suppose!  Anywho, I started my routine early – grabbed some toast and drank a tall glass of water and coffee out of my new TNT mug..did a little reading and tweeting, took a shower then headed off to Free Union (about 20 minutes outside of town).

I arrived earlyish (after a wrong turn, oops!) and parked in the farm lot and picked up my bib.  This race benefitted the Boys & Girls Club, as well as an area food bank, so I was sure to bring a couple cans of food, too!  The entry fee ($20) also included a fleece headband with the Charlottesville Track Club logo embroidered on it – kinda a neat offering.

I took the headband back to the car, and after sitting inside for a few minutes, I took off my pullover since I planned on racing in shortsleeves.  Suprisingly, it was comfortable – low 50s – so once we lined up, I was ready to move!

The course was flat (for Charlottesville) and the sun came out so the temps were perfect.  Upon crossing the finish line, I was excited to find that the post-race food included Bodo’s bagels!  Sure, it wasn’t NYC bagels, but for central VA, that’s pretty top of the line 😉

As the other racers came in, people were getting in their cars and leaving – I decided to stay because I had a feeling that I was going to place 2nd or 3rd in my age division and truth be told, I thought it would be inspiring to be around fast people! So, I waited, had half a banana and another bottle of water, until the results were ready.

As the names were being announced for overall, then age place (see results here) I applauded each winner, noting their winning times.  So, imagine my surprise when females, aged 25-29 were announced and I was the first name!!


I was sure that if I placed, I’d be lucky for 2nd, especially since I remembered two ladies passing me about .25m before crossing the finish line – but in a few minutes, I came to find they were in a higher age bracket.  Whoo!

I was excited!  Not only a PR, but first race of 2012 – great feeling!

What’s your first 2012 BIG event?


  1. That is so amazing! I don’t think I’d ever win a race or come in first in anything that involves running fast haha 🙂

  2. Congrats! I hope to be able to break 28 minutes for a 5k this year. My biggest event for 2012 is this weekend: Disney World Half-Marathon! 🙂

    • I am so stoked for you, Carol! The WDW Half was my first half marathon and will always carry a special significance to me!! I hope to run the Goofy Race in 2013 😀

      • I finished! It was awesome! I want to go back for another one, maybe a marathon next time. 🙂

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