Change of Plans

Remember this?

Wine and Dine Relay plans!

…well, this happened:

New Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Cool, a new race, right?  Well, the answer is really two-fold…as Jenn, from Eat, Sleep, Run Disney put it in her recent blog post, as the new race announcement then pushed back the original Wine and Dine Half Marathon event weekend to November!

When I heard the announcement, I have to admit…I was a little bummed!  After all, I was so excited to fly back down to Florida for the beginning of the Food and Wine Festival PLUS Epcot’s birthday on October 1st.  I kinda have a soft spot for Epcot, after all.  On top of that, I had already booked our DVC accommodations for the trip , wrote it all out in my planner and made a fancy little countdown icon on the Disboards.

But you know what, I got over it.  That’s what rebooking, white out and re-doing fun countdown icons is for, after all!

Made a new one!

So, we are still set to run the half marathon relay – and instead of 9 months to train, now hubs has 11 months – so he REALLY has no excuses! 😉

Maybe by that time he will want to take the longer distance?

Have you ever run a relay?


  1. I’m running my first relay in April – Ragnar with a bunch of other SoCal bloggers! Super excited.

    I was pretty bummed about the announcement to move the W&D dates, but… meh. I love EPCOT, I love the Food and Wine Festival, and I was in either way. I just wish they would ramp up the offerings at Disneyland!

    Are you on disboards!? I’ve been on disboards for years!

    • Hi Heather — yes, I am on Disboards! 😀 khiguchi

      Are you going to be there this year at Wine and Dine?

      • I’m “lorasmom” – I’m sure I’ll see you around 🙂

        YES, I am planning on Wine and Dine! So excited, all of my favorite things – EPCOT, running, food, drinks – plus my second Coast to Coast!

  2. I have never run a relay but I really want to. I was just talking about how I want to run one that is not an over night one but one on a smaller scale. this sounds awesome 🙂

  3. Still kinda bummed about the date change since I wanted to be there for Epcot’s bday too (AND my bday a few days prior!) but the good thing is that W&D will now be cooler. And all those Tower of Terror people can suffer in the stagnant humid heat. 🙂

    Hope to see you there!!

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