Just say cheese…cake!

This weekend has been a pretty relaxing and contemplative one – just what was needed after a long first work week of the year!

Started off this weekend with ridiculously warm temps…68 degrees in Virginia the first week of January?!

..where do we live again?


We couldn’t possibly let weather that nice pass us by, so after work on Friday, hubs and I went on a walk after returning home from work – even after the sun went down, it was still in the 60s – felt like Florida!  Afterward, we dined on tuna melts and settled down with the Super-8 Blu-Ray…

As hubs would say, "I super h8-ed it."

…yeah, we were not fans – felt like it tried way too hard and was a bad cross between two movies that I actually like: Cloverfield and Stand by Me…with LOTS of explosions.  So, eh.  It was painful to endure until the end, but I felt like we couldn’t NOT finish it. We really should have just pushed stop and popped it back into the Netflix envelope where it came from…eh, live and learn!

Saturday = long run day, it was 13 miles on the schedule with the team and it went great, as per usual!  After returning home, hubs and I went out for breakfast and I satisfied my sweet tooth with chocolate chip pancakes – the rest of the day was low-key, hubs had some work to do, though we did take a little break and hit some tennis balls at the high school courts – my arm is still sore!  Throughout the day, I kept updated with the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend festivities via twitter and kept the trend through today, Sunday, which culminated with the full marathon this morning.

Between the Disney races, watching Spirit of the Marathon last night and my ambitious post last weekend, marathons have obviously been on my mind!  If time, money and recovery time were not any issue, I’d have registered for lots of races by now, but unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world! 😉  So, after much consideration, I came up with what I will call the Tentative, Eh, Maybe Possible Option (TEMPO, for short) Plan for BQ Attempt #1:

  1. After the Shamrock Marathon in March, I will assess my time / recovery needs and jump back into a training plan.
  2. Training will include two long runs (18-20 mile range) in April.
  3. I will then run a May marathon – a Midwest one makes sense, as to possibly incorporate a visit back to hubs’ hometown/family.

After much deliberation, the TEMPO event will likely be the Wisconsin Marathon, since there are direct flights from Cville to Chicago.  My SIL is due that week (5/7) and it would be amazing if we could be back there to see the new baby – it’d be about a 4 hour drive back to where they live from the race, which is definitely doable.

…and c’mon, how could you NOT want to do this race:

I'm pretty darn Cheesy myself...


So, whew, there’s the semi-kinda-sorta-let’s see how this goes plan at the moment.  I am glad that’s settled.

I’m gonna celebrate with a cupcake…

Cupcakes ❤

…yup, today we drove up to Short Pump / Glen Allen for a Costco / Trader Joe’s run and I stopped in Frostings where they were featuring the four cupcakes that were featured on the recent Food Network ‘Cupcake Wars’ show: Tiramisu, Port/Dark Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Hummingbird.  We don’t have cable, but I know that show’s kinda a big deal, so way to go, semi-local cupcakery!  😀

Oh, and since they didn’t have the decorated ones, it was only $11 for all 4.  I can’t argue with that – I already know the Mexican Hot Chocolate variety is a winner (I had a free one after running the Richmond Marathon) so I already know they’re amazing!

Has your weather been as wacky as ours lately?  What’s your favorite cupcake?

10 thoughts on “Just say cheese…cake!

  1. Oh those cupcakes look so good!! I love chocolate salted caramel ones 🙂 I splurge once every couple of months on them 🙂 YUM!

    It’s also been crazy weather here. I am ready for spring!

    • Looks like it’ll happen this week, David! Supposedly snow flurries in the forecast this morning…

  2. Those cupcakes look yummy.

    Is the Wisconsin marathon the one with the cheese medal? I would be all over a cheese medal. 🙂

    • You know I will definitely go to you for Wisconsin advice! 😀 I think this one would be really fun!!!

  3. Good luck with your TEMPO plan =) I hear ya on the funds and time being an issue!! LOL.

    My favorite cupcakes (and cake for that matter) are Red Velvet. OMG. But, I usually have a TERRIBLE tummy ache after from all the dairy! LOL.

    Those look delicious btw!

    • Thanks for your comment, Michele!!

      Red Velvet definitely are awesome! I was happy that hubby wanted to eat two of these the day I bought them, which meant that I would not be tempted to eat more than one a day, haha 🙂

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