Between tuition payments, my marathon training schedule, phone numbers and orders, I feel pretty bombarded by numbers lately.


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…and yet, here I am, writing a post that features them.

See, today I ran 800’s on the treadmill – which, in treadmillese, means running a warm-up,followed by .5 mile at a fast speed, then recovering and repeating until I hit 4 miles.  Wowza, that hurt so good this morning – it was a late night (for me) Wednesday since this semester’s courses meet from 8 to 10 PM. (SEE!  MORE numbers!)


I thought I would talk a bit about some of the marathon thoughts currently occupying my mind…with my big goal, I have been reassessing (and reassessing…and reassessing some more) what my time goal for Shamrock is.  I honestly am trying to figure out, realistically, what I am capable of at this point in my training.

Want some more numbers?  Well, sure!  I realized just now that I never shared my marathon splits:

1 8:09
2 8:07
3 8:02
4 8:06
5 8:06
6 7:45
7 7:56
8 7:35
9 7:59
10 7:51
11 8:58
12 8:13
13 8:26
14 8:06
15 8:11
16 8:24
17 8:10
18 8:53
19 8:46
20 9:01
21 8:52
22 9:48
23 9:30
24 10:07
25 9:48
26 10:24
27 8:42
28 7:44

Um, yes, that’s 28 miles.  And no, it wasn’t a fill 28 because yeah, pretty sure I didn’t run a sub-8 last mile… also, I am pretty sure my Garmin went beserk somewhere, and believe me, it is pretty mentally tough to see the mileage go above 26 when you’ve been running for, oh, HOURS!  But, I digress – it still measured my chip time (3:59)

So, with just this rough data, it’s illustrated pretty poignantly that I went out too fast.  Not extraordinary too fast, but compared to the downturn around Mile 18, yes.  The slowest mile was over 10; I had two miles over 10, but still came out with a 9-ish pace.  Seeing as a 3:35 marathon would require a 8:12 average, I could feasibly clean up that zone of 9 and near-9 miles for a strong showing, especially with some of the recent speed-work and tempos I have been incorporating and shoot for something like a 3:45ish for this race.

The elevation for this race is pretty flat, which is good and bad (less uphills mean less downhills, after all) but I am pretty stoked about the course in general.  I want to see what these legs can do!!

Have you run Shamrock  before? Any words of wisdom??


  1. I love staring at splits. I may stare at yours for a while.

    First, wow, amazing job. I can’t believe that was your first marathon. It is so hard to slow it down at the beginning. I think if you can get yourself to hit your comfortable pace, you will be able to hold on for much longer. Build your endurance and you will be amazed at how different it will feel at the end of an amazing marathon.

    So excited for you to run your marathon!

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