Marathon Mondays: Unexpected Registration Announcement Edition :)

So, after the news of the Wine and Dine rescheduling, I have to admit there was a little voice inside me that was super bummed about an even LONGER time to wait to visit WDW again.  Yes, two more months is NOT the end of the world, but for this Disney super fan, it really kinda was.

As fate (and twitter!) would have it, however, things were about to shift into an exciting direction.  My good friend April and I were chatting on twitter, as per usual, and the subject of a warm weather getaway came up.  A few ideas were casually thrown around and amidst this conversation, it dawned on me: this could be an excellent WDW opportunity since April’s hubs isn’t the biggest Disney fan.  The wheels were turning…

Simple math.

See, Florida was definitely a location we tossed around – and as much as I would love to visit places in the state that I have not yet been to, I KNOW there is a place in Florida that is always a welcoming place…and since hubs and I are DVC members, accommodations are essentially “taken care of,” the only other big expense would be flights…and after scoping out some airline deals, I found $200 range R/T flights…oh, and look at that, huh, a race going on in February, too?  Coincidence? Hrmm…

Sealed the deal!

…so yes, it is OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!  February 25 to 27, I’ll be headed down South to the land of Mickey for a self-made three-day weekend at the Boardwalk Villas for girlfriend time, park-hopping, hopefully a jaunt over to the Lululemon outlet and, oh, a lil ol’ 13.1 race.  No big deal.

Are you running Princess?



  1. I’m excited for you! After just running at WDW last weekend, I want to go back! I wish I could run the Princess! Good luck!!

  2. Ah yay! How fun! I really wanted to do the Princess this year, but I don’t have the finances to do it. 😦

    However, if I can find a cheap hotel accommodations, I *may* go down there to cheer on everyone. We’ll see. 😉

    • Why not?! 🙂 If not this one, PLEASE come in November to the Wine and DIne! I can’t wait to meet you!!!!!

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