Disney Dreamin’

Roadtrip! Er, or NOT! 😉

Not like I am counting, but in 34 days, I will be 800 miles South of Charlottesville, VA – immersed in a land of Fantasy, basking in the warmth of the Sunshine State once again.  For three wondrous days, I’ll be living the life…with a waterfront address and not a care in the world…

Yup, I’ll be in THE ZONE – the Disney Dork Zone.

..in 3D!

Haha, yes, I am fully aware of how ridiculous I look in this very old photo.  Can you believe that this was taken the first time I took hubs to the Disney parks?  We had been dating for one month, and I made him wear the ‘First Visit’ button and everything.  See, there’s proof here:

Meeting Belle...

Anywho!  Enough of that…it’s time to talk about PLANS!

...FUN is obviously a priority

…okay, this is really rough, but this is the idea: our arrival and departure times, the race and everything else is peachy (hence, the pink shade).  I am trying to decide if I want to make dining reservations (so weird to be on this end of the equation now, btw) and can I just say I am TOTALLY stoked to stay at an Epcot area resort for the very first time?  I know, I worked at the International Gateway forEVER but never ever stayed at the resorts that the guests I served were staying at.

Disney's Boardwalk! and look, it's me jumping over here ^^


As I approach the planning of this trip, I return to the advice that I used to dispense when speaking to guests over the phones at the Disney Reservation Center (ahh, the beloved CM days) which boiled down to this simple suggestion:

Create a Vacation Top 5 – this way, everyone gets a say in the planning.

See, most people don’t realize that Walt Disney World is much more than an ‘amusement park’ – it is, legitimately, a whole WORLD of attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants and so much more.  To try and do it all is WAY TOO STRESSFUL – and aren’t you on a vacation to alleviate stress?  The Top 5 approach is a realistic (and fun) way to see what you want to see – and anything else…well that’s just an awesome bonus!

Here’s my Princess Weekend Top 5 so far…will need to confer with my other girls’ weekend half to complete this!!

  1. Run Princess Half Marathon
  2. Go to Babycakes NYC (I really liked my cupcake there last Half Marathon weekend!)
  3. See my BFF
  4. ?
  5. ?

Are you a trip planner?  Or more of a spontaneous sort?

I like to say that I am spontaneous, but I am sure this post proves otherwise…


    • Thanks! 😀

      The way I look at it…early race start, early race finish, ALL DAY in the parks!!!

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