Costume Update!

When it comes to Operation Mulan, here’s what I have so far…

Top is taking shape!!

So far, I have :

  1. Deconstructed a purple North Face tech tank
  2. Hand sewed panels of it onto a pink Adidas tank.
  3. Cut off the bottom of seamless navy tank (that I bought this weekend for $4) and sewed it over the pink tank.
  4. Purchased a red table runner from the Dollar Tree – will trim this and likely add velcro to secure it on, since it’s not a tech fabric; but I think it adds a certain rich ‘costume’ quality.
Costume inspiration!

Next steps

  1. Find red running skirt (almost was lucky yesterday! Found a Fila red running skirt @ Marshall’s – but they only had XS and L left!  I tried on both and neither would have worked).
  2. Decide on socks/sleeves – I think these would be awesome with the costume!
  3. Accessories – find similar (lightweight!) necklace
  4. Get a ‘matchy’ sports bra for the light blue top element – maybe this one.
  5. Hair – trying to decide if I should do the bun or just an accessory over the standard ponytail.

Anything else I am missing?  Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or recommendations!

ETA: Some skirt options…

  1. Athleta Swagger Skort (in Hibiscus)
  2. Skirt Sports Marathon Girl (in Red Kiss)
  3. Lululemon Run Speed Skirt (Tango) – no longer made, only finding $$ ones on eBay like this >> NWT Lululemon Run SPEED Skirt Tango Red Coal Trim


  1. Krissy, this is AMAZING so far! I saw that top and thought “wow, she really lucked out finding that”… can’t believe you SEWED it!! I have a sewing machine if you need one at all =)

    Looks incredible! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • How fun! What a fun experience to be at Epcot for Lunar New Year celebrations!! I can’t wait to get back down to Disney……29 days….

  2. Looks good so far! Awesome sewing job. I have a darkish bright pink Nike running skirt that is brand new (got it on clearance from the outlet store that time) in size M. I know you said red, but if you want pink…

    • Thanks, Allie!! You are so good at finding great sales, lol. I am going to continue the red skirt quest (harder than I thought, must be the time of year) but I appreciate your offer!!

      Start thinking about your Wine and Dine costume, ehhhh??!? 😉

  3. OMG! That is absolutely amazing! You are incredible. I want to make a costume and do the princess run next year – my daughter would SO dig it and making a costume would be so much fun!

    • I SOOOO wish I was going to TINK! I need a vacation….

      I will be running the Princess Half next month at WDW. I will live vicariously though your Tink experience though so I cannot wait to hear ALLLLLL about it!

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