January Training Recap

Some of our TNT team; Free Union, VA - I'm the shrimpy one...haha.


The month may still have a few good days left in it, but I have a free few minutes (rare these days!) so I wanted to post a bit of a training recap for the month of January!

Most miles in a month!


I was definitely humbled by literally looking at my last year in running, as seen in the chart above.  January 2011 marked my first half marathon (The Walt Disney World Half) and in April, I decided to create my base to train for my first full (The Richmond Marathon) in November.  Sprinkled in between, I had the Disneyland Half where I earned an exciting 16-minute PR, thanks to the summer miles logged for the full training.

But back to January 2012

See, I’ve seen a marked improvement in the ‘ease’ of my long runs; after both the 15 and 16-milers this month (the 16 was yesterday out in Free Union, as depicted in the picture above) I’ve felt pretty good.  In fact, yesterday I ran 15 at what I tried to keep as a conservative pace and then decided to try and run marathon pace for the last mile…and bingo!  After 15 miles, I was able to complete that last mile @ 7:54!  Fan-freaking-tastic.  That definitely was a great booster!

Tommorow, I do my weekly tempo run and since Tuesday is usually an 0ff-day for running, I’ll be ready to jump straight into February’s training!  I will have to manage some sort of adjustments, since the weekend of Princess 1/2 is the same weekend I have a 20-miler scheduled, but a little swapping should make that okay.  I am also stoked that the timing of that half marathon will help me gauge things for the Shamrock, just a few weeks later!  It’s amazing the time is almost here…

What’s your favorite race distance?

I am pretty darn crazy and love the full training but I definitely enjoy racing halves!


  1. You inspire me. Really, you do. I remember you writing about starting the Couch 25K, and here you are running so many miles, and you’re so fast!! LOL Once I finish this 5K, I gotta get a little serious about really training if I’m ever going to run (and I mean RUN, not walk/jog) a half. I don’t know if I’ll ever do a marathon, but you sure make them sound appealing!

    • Aww thanks for the kind words, Michelle. It really inspires me to know that others can really start ‘from the ground up’ and enjoy whatever exercise that suits them.

      Running might not be for everyone, but it’s the thing that I have found helped me want to become a fitter person. My sister, for example, is not a fan of running, but is an amazing Zumba instructor! I tried that and it was just a disaster, lol!

      Again, thanks for inspiring me right back! Can’t wait to seeya next month!!

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