Thankful Thursday.

I am a simple person.

Example # 93849384: What I am thankful for, this lovely Thursday, February 9th… back to the good part...

Yup – thank you, Lonely Island.  You helped me complete the last, super-sweaty leg of my run this morning!

Running 800 repeats the morning after a delicious dinner of spicy eggplant and cumin tofu with (WHITE) rice – okay, probably wouldn’t necessarily recommend, but for some reason or another it proved to be pretty good fuel for a 5-mile treadmill workout this morning.

I warmed up for a mile @ 7.0, then amped up the 800s @ 8.5, recovered @ 7.0 (lather, rinse, repeat) and then cooled down @ 7.0

5 miles = 37 minutes, resulting in my fastest treadmill mile ever (Mile 3: 6:55), average pace: 7:26.

This week was a good one to focus on speed, and I think next week I’ll do a modified speed workout Monday and throw in a hill workout, too, to change it up – next week is a scale-back week in long run world, but not before this Saturday’s 20-miler (first of this training cycle!)

I’ve got a fair amount of homework to get completed this weekend, but as for the rest of this week, I am looking forward to going out to dinner tonight with a colleague from work who’s moving back to Norfolk next week and a little time to decompress.  I was SO glad to talk to my BFF last night, too.  I’ve been pretty ‘boring’ – running, work, homework, class – so it’s nice to step back and just…breathe.


What’s on your mind today?

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