Run for Sherry

Instagram Morning Shot

As mentioned in my post yesterday, my 20-mile long run this week was dedicated to the memory of Sherry Arnold, as part of a virtual run organized by SUAR.  The response was so huge, it was featured on Runner’s World’s Other Voices blog, too.  While we cannot bring back Sherry Arnold, we can honor and pay tribute to her Courage, Strength and Grace – it’s only 3 PM EST right now, so if you run, why not run for her today?  (SUAR is also assisting with a fund for Sherry’s children, please visit her site to donate)

With these thoughts in mind this morning, I had an even bigger dose of motivation to get me through those miles.  I attached the bib to my iFitness belt, loaded it up with Vanilla Bean GU and headed out the door after noshing on my pre-run bagel thin and mug of French Roast coffee.  The sun was still rising when I reached University Hall to meet my teammates – and just as soon as Coach Liz detailed our first leg of the run, we were off!  The air was heavy with cold humidity, but we blasted through a new route with lots of energy!  By the time we rounded back to the arena and refueled, we were back at it, starting a second 10-mile loop around town.

I didn’t bring my iPod, and by forgetfulness, I forgot my Garmin, too.  Thankfully, I had teammates and a Nike+ app to help track, but I think that simplicity added to the quiet reflection time.  On so many levels, this really was an excellent run.

This weekend, take a minute to count your blessings.  I know I am….

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