Thankful Thursday!

Shamrockin'! Test run with the Marathon duds!!

So glad it’s almost the weekend!  Stoked for a warm weather (almost 60 degree!) run – which means I will have the opportunity to try out my Team Sparkle Skirt!  Then, do a lot of homework, because NEXT weekend, it’s PRINCESS TIME!  Wahooooooooooooo!!!

On that note, there are a fair share of things that I am very thankful for today:

  • Awesome friends – in real life, the twitterverse and the blogosphere, I am blessed to be connected to so many intelligent and fun people.  I am beyond excited that these three worlds will collide in awesomeness next weekend!
  • An injury-free training cycle – aside from my little spill, I’ve felt great thus far through training – I am very thankful for this!
  • FUN reading in my LIS 5565 course – yes, I am taking “Info Needs of Young Adults” – this means graphic novels, the Hunger Games and other fun reading.  Sure, it’s still required reading, but it is enjoyable!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


It’s OFFICIAL!  Join the Team Sparkle Virtual Run this weekend….details here!!


    • YEah! Thanks for the taking the initiative to organize it! Stoked to sparkle this weekend!!!!

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