1 month til ShamROCK!

Can you believe that it’s been more than 5 months since I announced that I’d be running the 2012 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon?!

March 18, 2012!



Since October, I’ve had the pleasure of weekly group long runs with my beloved Team, while fundraising and  creating new goals for myself!  It truly has been an incredible journey so far, and as much as I cannot wait to pound the pavement at Virginia Beach, I’m also hoping time slows down because it just has been one of the best experiences, ever.

As I was checking out the official site (for the one bajillionth time, or so) I realized there was a video!  So I checked it out:

…goosebumps!  What a fantastic way to get pumped up!  I was very excited to see scenes from the course and just feel the excitement of the crowd, the runners and all the wonderful volunteers.  After that, I watched a few other Shamrock videos and then I looked up some recaps, to get some personal insight…here are a few that I found:

…and there are SO many more!  I am truly OUT OF MY MIND excited for this event!!

What are YOU stoked about this spring?


  1. I am so excited for you. You go out and knock em dead March 18!
    I am running in the same race this year. I am at the point in my training where I am feeling doubt and trying to stay focused and visualize everything falling into place that day. Who knows maybe I’ll see you there.

    That video is gave me goosebumps as well!

    • Thanks for the comment, Lisa! So excited…you’re gonna do wonderfully! Remember “TRUST THE TRAINING” =D

    • Yeahhhh!!! 😀

      I decided to stay over Sunday night! Yay 3-day weekend for me….hehe.

  2. Thanks so much for including my recap!! I’m so excited for you to run the race! Overall it is a really fun time (other than the few small criticisms I had). I would’ve run it again this year but I’m trying out a new marathon in April. Have a great time!!! 🙂

    • Sure thing! I really enjoyed your honest take on the race and good luck with your April Marathon 🙂

  3. I am so excited for you. I really hope they have online runner tracking, because I am already planning my morning when I will sit on my computer waiting for you to cross that finish line. 🙂

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