Playlist fit for a Princess!

This weekend has been pretty productive; yesterday got 10 miles done with the TEAM then pounded out two papers – finished in time to hang out with hubs and watch an episode of Six Feet Under (we just started the series on Netflix) and the first half of Saturday Night Live (usually I fall asleep wayyyyy before).

Crazy weather...

The weatherman said it was going to snow and I didn’t believe him….cos really, I ran in SHORTS (and Sparkle!) on Saturday.  I woke up Sunday morning and….no snow. I worked on the outline of my next paper and did some reading for the week…got a few things done around the house, went to lunch with hubs, came back….no snow. We watched some NBA…and then…


It was exciting to see snow – sure, it was probably even better that I was inside looking out at it, but I have to admit I kinda missed the white stuff, it hadn’t snowed here since October!  As I delighted in the flurrying flakes, I got to work on another very important task: the Princess Playlist!

It’s a 2-hour playlist, which will allow for song-skipping if needed…and if you take a closer look, you can see that I sorted the songs in descending length.  I was thinking that it might boost my pace for the end of the race – you know, I can tell myself “two more minutes in this song!” We’ll see how that works…and I am so looking forward to basking in the glow of this fantastic medal for the rest of next weekend…

I do it for the BLING!


Ahhh.  Can’t wait!

What’s your fave song to work out to?

ETA: Already added another song – thanks Leah for this great suggestion:


  1. I’m sooo excited! That reminds me that I really need to make a new playlist before next weekend! I’m so tired of my current one. But shouldn’t it be all ‘part of your world’ and ‘a whole new world’??!!!

    • I was thinking of adding more Disney songs, but the pacing wasn’t ideal – I did get the suggestion a few weeks ago about adding that “One Jump Ahead” song from Aladdin, that might work!!

  2. I need to make my playlist!! I’m definitely adding Something That I Want – and One Jump from Aladdin is a good one too.

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