MARATHON MONDAY: Choosing my BQ Attempt #1 Race

Good morning, thanks so much for joining me – live from ORLANDO, FLORIDA!


(…okay, you caught me, I actually wrote this when I was back in Charlottesville, VA, but hey, fresh new material on a Monday morning, post-half marathon is always good, right?  So – tell ya what, I’ve got a little extra bonus, for y’all!  See,  I’ve been able to meet lots of wonderful people, including my fellow #FitFluential friend, Megan, and she’s been so kind to let me guest post on her blog, Running Toward the Prize, so go check that out!)


Oh hey, Kara!


Since I made the announcement in January about my dreams of Boston, I haven’t updated y’all much on them…mostly since I have been focused on Shamrock – and more recently, the Princess Half.  Despite that fact, it definitely has been at the forefront of my everyday thoughts, and last week, I actually made a huge step into furthering that pursuit – I signed up for a lifetime charter membership to Run Your BQ, a super-comprehensive resource, training guide and exclusive forum (among many other magical things) to solidify my efforts.

My experience so far using the site has definitely been positive!  There is an active and friendly community of runners – from so many skill and experience levels – and just a nice, positive vibe.  Once I run Shamrock and assess my ‘next step’ and level to continue at, I will choose a training schedule (there are lots!) and proceed from there.

Ironically, the most difficult part about my Journey to BQ-ing expedition so far has been what seems like the easiest : choosing my race! I have lots of ideas but due to several extenuating circumstances (which I definitely will express in coming posts) I just cannot choose!  As of now, attempt #1 is going to occur in April, May or June – so send me your suggestions or recommendations for a race then if you have any! 😉

What’s your dream race?


    • Thanks for the comment, Liz!!! Buffalo…hmm, hadn’t checked into that one! Will take a look 🙂

    • Lizzie – I am reallllllllllllllly wanting to do that one…a friend from college just posted on my FB wall about it too (u might have seen it) and that made me want to even more….we will chat about this…..

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