Hi all! Hope your weekends are going FANTASTICALLY!

So close!

I’ve got two days to:

  • reach my goal of +$1,000 my fundraising goal, which is $2,500 toward finding cures and helping patients and their families with the burden of expenses and stresses related to Leukemia and Lymphoma!
  • reach my personal goal of a donation from EVERY U.S. State – as you can see from the map above! I have received donations from 34 states as of this moment, and from this challenge alone, $664 has been raised. As I mentioned before, a special surprise is headed to you if YOU are the first to donate from YOUR state, so please consider a donation today! Remember, even $1 is a donation! Please consider it today, I thank you in advance!

I’ve said it once (twice, three times & more!) but I want to say it again (and again and again) THANK YOU to everyone that has joined me in this mission to fight cancer! I am so incredibly thankful for all of you – and if it isn’t in the budget, I am thankful for your words of support.  IT ALL COUNTS.

Please visit My Fundraising Page today!


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