Marathon Monday: 13 days until my second marathon!

Shamrock is coming!


After more than 400 miles logged, I am officially in the taper…and this is Florida State’s Spring break…living is easy 😉

But I could still use your help…

Please visit 

My Fundraising Page

…if you can, and please donate whatever amount is comfortable for you – you really are making a difference.

I am thankful everyday for my health, friends, family and even strangers..who have become friends, through a common bond of running and a cancer-fighting! Tomorrow, I will attend our official send-off dinner with my Team as we ramp up for this special event we’ve trained and worked for.

As I reach this pivotal point in my Team in Training journey, I want to also reflect on some special moments that, if not for Team in Training – I would not have had the chance to experience…

  • My first donation – my friend Jaz was the first to step up to the plate. She may not realize it, but she solidified the idea that I could fundraise what seemed to be a huge amount.
  • When I first signed up for the team, I didn’t think I knew anyone personally effected by Leukemia or Lymphoma. As fate would have it – I was led to the true reason I was doing this – my friend and trainer Joy posted on Facebook that a fellow friend of hers (and former fellow castmember at The Jungle Cruise attraction) had lost her husband, an Army veteran, to leukemia. Well, I knew this was it, and when I run 26.2 miles on March 18, I will be wearing my Honored Hero bracelet in commemoration for a young life taken much too soon.
  • The Silent Mile was another incredibly moving event that brought together our team with several others in the region. We ran and shared stories with teammates not only running to beat cancer, but literally…running with it. I met teammates that are currently fighting battles much bigger than themselves and was humbled immensely by their strength.
  • Before 2011 wrapped up, I reached my minimum fundraising goal of $1500. I thought I’d lay off for a while, but as my competitive spirit would have it, I ramped it back up soon after.

These are but a handful of my positive TNT experiences…and I can’t wait to add more happy stories! Thank you again, and see you at the finish line…hopefully seeing green! 😉


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