The Tuesday Taper Report.

Five days.

Walking it out during my lunch break...

As per my training schedule (which I have only had to modify once, since November – wow!) this is what lies ahead for me, prior to March 18:

TUESDAY – rest

WEDNESDAY – 4 miles


FRIDAY – rest

SATURDAY – 15 to 20 minutes, easy

It is CRAZY for me to see that much rest, but I have to remember that my legs will be working it this Sunday, so I should respect the schedule! It has gotten me this far and for that I am immensely thankful. I definitely have learned a lot about the power of discipline and accountable this training cycle, as this time, it’s more than me – it’s the team, and really, bigger than that, it’s the entire world that has access to my blog / dailymile twitter

I have also made another race-related decision in the past day. I have decided to run with a pace group. I’ve looked at the pros and cons, and ultimately, for me, for this race, I think it’s a good thing to do, if only to ensure a smooth start to the race. After Princess’ mile split discrepancies and my affinity for weaving, I reasoned that being a part of that group that’s in my way will be better for my patience / agitation level.

Another decision I’ve made? I am NOT going to disclose my intended goal finish time. Not online, anyway. IRL friends, or even those that I’ve met through social media – please don’t be afraid to ask, I will let you know, but I just think it’ll be better on my nerves if I keep my A+ goal to myself. Of course, I will share my obvious goals for this event…

GOAL 1: Finish.

GOAL 2: Beat Richmond’s PR. (3:59:13)

GOAL 3: Have fun!!!

I am so so so excited – it is hard to concentrate on anything! Alas, I must chug along…a few more days!

How do YOU beat event anxiety?

10 thoughts on “The Tuesday Taper Report.

  1. You are going to do great! So excited for you… and btw way that 3:59 is a sweet time! I understand about saying thing out loud. Sometimes it is better to just keep to yourself… but you are running a marathon so even if you came in at 11 hours, it is an insane accomplishment.
    My schedule looks the similar this week.. I am driving my family crazy with my overabundance of energy and ADHD tendencies. Let’s get this thing done!

  2. ahhh your race is SO close!! And I have some tips…

    1. Follow the schedule, and do not be afraid of the taper. Tapering is scary, and confusing. and sometimes your legs and body will feel like crap…that is NORMAL. To help with this, I soaked my body in a bath for the 4 nights leading up to my marathon. It made me feel better physically, and also relaxed me mentally.

    2. Remember, “The hay is in the barn”. What is done is done. If you trained hard, and followed your schedule, you will do great at your marathon. I am a HUGE control freak, but I always have to remind myself that I have no control over the last 3 + months of training come race day. If you trained properly (and you will know in your head if you did), you will reap the rewards!!

    3. RELAX. As well as being a control freak, I am also an anxious girl. Nerves are fine, and are good for you come race day, but anxiety will only slow you down. I suggest using the #2 tip I gave you to help with anxiety.

    4. Go with the pace group for sure. They can only help you! And if gives you people to talk to if you are like me and need to socialize 🙂

    5. Keep your goal to yourself…I agree that you should do that. I always do…and I think it helps to lose some of the anxiety as well!!

    Hope these help, and they make sense! Cannot wait to see how fast you rock this thing. You are gonna do amazing!!!!


    • Thank you SOOO much, Ali! I really appreciate all of your tips.

      I for sure like that bath idea 😀

  3. Hi!
    Just came across your blog–love that you’re doing Shamrock as well! It’ll be fun–I did the half last year and LOVED it. Really great swag for your $$. I like the tips above as well. Trying not to get anxious over it, working on my mental game. I like the mantra of “You are what you think you are.” I’m going to do well and therefore–I am. 🙂 Good luck and have fun!!!

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