Thunder Thursday???

Sunday looks good?? 😉

Is this really March?

Yeah, the weather has been absolutely nutty, but I am definitely thankful for such a wonderful mild winter to train through! I never wore more than a fleece with a long sleeve and tights…no heavy layers for us here! 🙂

I am very optimistic about the weather and have been doing a little more prep work for the weekend these past few days…bought some bubble bath for some pre-race soaking (my whole body has been feeling a little off this week) as well as some bright green shimmery eyeliner. I don’t like to wear full-on makeup for races, but I don’t want to look like I rolled out of bed either, y’know?

Anywho, to continue on with a little more randomness…

Yes, this exists – and is sold for only 79.99! Methinks that an entire Hello Kitty themed zone in our future abode is totally necessary. And it’s not weird at all for an almost-28 year old to love this stuff. I mean, if they make it, someone buys it, right?! 😉

Ahhh, good times.

Back to taper madness….

If you could deck out your house with any crazy interest / obsession, what would it be? Cats? The Green Bay Packers? Dinosaurs?


  1. Um, no it’s not wrong AT ALL! Says the 27 year old who received 90% Hello Kitty gifts this Christmas season. And carries a giant Hello Kitty purse to her grown up job every day. 🙂

    Also–Britt totally has that microwave. haha.

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