Tonight, tonight.

Alrighty, the weekend is upon us and tonight, tonight, I will go green (with my hair, that is!)

I know I will be a bundle of tightly wound nerves on Saturday night, so the plan is to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight and ‘sleep in’ tomorrow morning (no alarm). The bags will be packed up and ready to go so as soon as we’re up and about, we’ll start the drive to Virginia Beach, grab lunch, hit the expo, check in to the hotel, relax for a wee bit then head to the TNT Inspiration dinner πŸ™‚

That’s the plan, anyway.

I am still undecided about a few race-day related items…

Richmond Marathon, 11/11 & Princess Half, 2/12.
  1. To wear the belt or not? I have a iFitness belt which has served me well in Richmond and Princess, but when I tried it out on a long run with my compression shorts & Team Sparkle skirt, it slid around like crazy. I cannot be bothered by constant adjustments during Shamrock…and hello look how that GIANT princess bib made my skirt ride up like crazy. I know that no matter how big the bib is this time, however, I am going to pin it to my shirt this time bc I don’t want to disturb the sparklesΒ πŸ˜‰
  2. How will I carry my gels?Β One of the benefits of that belt was that it holds gels well – like up to six, I think. I was planning on bringing 4, though I will probably take 3. Maybe I should get a smaller belt (like a Spibelt?) for just gels? I won’t need to carry my cellphone or keys (like on training runs, which I also love the iFitness belt for). I know, I know, NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY, but a smaller and lighter belt is still a belt, right? I am used to belts.
  3. To compress or not? I ran Richmond and Princess with Zensah compression socks. I am not sure if they helped. I still had tons of weird calf spasms after mile 20 at Richmond, but hey, running for 20 miles could do that to ya. It’s gonna be warm so I am thinking no, and saving the compression socks for post-race recovery. I did run a 20-miler with my CEP socks before, and felt like I could’ve ran even longer that day so…yeah. I just confused myself there.
Stonewall Jackson 20-miler, October 2011.

Oh, boy.

So, if you’re wondering, YES, I am so excited and SO ready, but these are the silly things that are keeping me up at night. And I need to sleep this evening, so if you have any words of wisdom, I’d be GLAD to hear them! πŸ™‚


  1. YES GREEN HAIR!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! I can’t wait to see it.

    I would say go for a smaller belt– just try it on with your aesparis shorts and a sparkle skirt to make sure it doesn’t move around. I like to keep my belt twisted around so that the larger part is in the back– that doesn’t bother me as much as when it is in the front.

    I think I am gonna go calf sleeves instead of compression socks. I feel like I will want them, but if I start going crazy with them on I can always pull them off over my shoes mid-race. Just my thoughts.

    Don’t worry, I am having all of these crazy thoughts, too, times a million.

    • Kath! I am so sad, your comment went to spam and I just saw it today!!

      Thanks for your support πŸ™‚

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