Thankful Thursday.

Wine + Dine (and run!)

Last November, I was BEYOND delighted that hubs had agreed to run a relay with me.  Of course, this wasn’t any relay, it was the Wine and Dine Half Marathon relay at Walt Disney World! Held in the early Fall, I was incredibly stoked to be planning our next visit to Disney during my favorite time of year – Magic Kingdom and Epcot’s birthday 🙂

This January, however, I was thrown for a loop when runDisney made a surprise announcement: they were adding another race to their popular line up; The Tower of Terror 10-Miler! Unfortunately for me, that new race meant something else…schedule change! The 10-Miler pushed the Half to November.

Bummer! I really wanted to be at Epcot for their 30th birthday celebration (and look at the amazing stuff that’s coming out then!) but eh…a fun Disney trip is still a fun Disney trip! Maybe this would mean that it’d be less busy?

So, we were still on track…registration was to open up Mid-March for Wine and Dine…and I found another roadblock…the relay was going away! What?! I was so sad! Sure, we could do the 5K together, but travelling hundreds of miles for 3.1 UNTIMED miles? Not my cup of tea.  Wah. I had a moment…after all, this was my DIRECT quote from my post last year…

I mean, I couldn’t expect him to up and decide to run a half marathon with me…but, what about half of the half?


I didn’t register the moment the announcement was posted on March 13, as I had planned.

Next time we meet Duffy...we shall BOTH wear medals!

But….we did on March 17 at the Shamrock Expo!


I am so very thankful and excited that he is taking on this challenge. Okay, so I might have handed him the registration form and told him halfway through him filling it out WHAT it was, but hey, it’s ON!

Less than 8 months!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!! Husbands sometimes can be the greatest huh? My hubby is running Vermont City Marathon next month with me. He has run many marathons but doesn’t run as much anymore but always takes time to train for Vermont since it is our weekend alone.

  2. Dude, my husband will never run with me…even just down the street! Thanks for the comment on my blog today. Glad to find you! Are you a Coug, too?!!!!

  3. I wish I could get my boyfriend to run a 5K with him! Of course, that would mean he would want to run with me at all. I am so happy you were able to convince him to run the entire race with you. Hopefully, the weather will be as nice as it was for the 2011 race!

  4. OH MY GAWWWWSH!!! I’m so excited to hear about Brad’s training. He should write some guest posts. I bet this will help his tennis too. Seriuosly thinking about coming down. Are you guys flying? Have you made hotel arrangements? We have a timeshare down in Orlando that isn’t being used…

  5. I was bummed to find out the Relay option was gone too. I ran the inaugural race as a relay in 2010 as my first race EVER and was hoping to run the long leg this time around with my bestie who has just started running. Have fun with your hubs!

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