Lemme run this past y’all…

Ahhhhh…springtime in the Blue Ridge…blue skies, sunshine, sweetly-scented air…and POLLEN.


Since returning back to Central Virginia from our whirlwind trip back to the Midwest, my allergies have definitely returned, too – watery eyes, scratchy throat, sore sinuses, the whole nine. Getting back into the groove was definitely thrown off by constant sniffles and nose-blowing!

Thursday was a pretty busy-ish day, but I was looking forward to my post-work activity of retrieving my new running shoes!

Bright and Beautiful...

YAY! With my store credit, I paid my $5 for my new kicks (sure, I already had dropped the big bucks earlier but it still felt kind of awesome to pay that small amount) and headed directly to Riverview Park to take them on a test run! They felt just as great as they looked, so I hightailed it back to the car after about 2 miles so I could run to Whole Foods for a few groceries (bananas and cereal were NECESSARY) and then work on my newest project….

Nuun's 2012 Hood to Coast Relay Team!


Yes! I am applying for a spot on Nuun’s 2012 Hood to Coast Relay Team! For those of you in the running world, Hood to Coast is literally the “mother of all relays” – a 200-mile race from Oregon’s Mt. Hood to the coastline of Seaside, Oregon. It is the LARGEST relay in the WORLD (12K+ runners) and is just majestically beautiful!

As a former PNWer (Pacific North West) I felt a certain draw to this running event – sure, I’ve never run a relay before, but less than a year ago, I had never run a marathon either! Besides, this particular opportunity would go beyond the already magical nature of the massive event – see, nuun is sponsoring not one, not two…but THREE all-female runner/blogger teams to rock the relay. So yeah…magical running + tasty hydration and gorgeous surroundings – what’s not to love?

To apply for a spot, applicants must submit several nuggets of information – from 10K split times, to blog stats and a variety of other relevant info…and creative presentations are encouraged! I had been thinking about my own application for the past week or so. Last night, my vision became reality and I filmed, edited and submitted my information!

Video teaser

The deadline is April 9 and the selected teammates are notified April 24! I am excited about the process – keeping real, since I know there are so many amazing women that are just as excited about this opportunity (not to mention the prospective returning ladies!) but also staying positive and optimistic 🙂

Here’s to the beginning of another adventure!

Have you ever run a relay?


  1. Best of luck!!! TH is doing a 200 mile relay in June (not as intense as this one, lol) and it amazes me to see everyone pull together to get it done. I have my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thanks, Liz! I am excited about the prospect.

      I am loving the shoes so far! Will continue to report in…. 😉

  2. omg, i hope that you do this oregon run so you can come visit me! and i guess it’d be awesome and all…. 🙂 i’m sure your video is amazing!

      • no hawaii fun, i’ll send you my rotation schedule. first block: seattle children’s hospital! so excited!

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