Running: On Screen!

Have y’all seen this video yet? So cute (thanks for sharing it, Kevin) and I think it’s important to show how running can be fun (thought not for everyone) and lighthearted. Effective!

Of course, if the feel-good vibes are not quite enough for you to peel yourself out of bed in the morning for a couple of miles, I have just the thing for YOU, shared by my amazing friend, Dorothy (yes, the amazing running mama that I featured on my blog last summer!) – she appears in this totally inspiring brand-new Saucony campaign:

At 9 seconds, 19 seconds and the SUPER STRONG finale! WOW! Are you lacing up your running shoes yet??  AND get this, this is just the FIRST of a series of videos…yes, so stay tuned for so much more awesomeness and inspiration 🙂

With apologies to my male readers, I am going to take this total RUNNING WOMEN GIRL POWER post one step further…because I want to share a few more awesome videos of some of my blogger friends and colleagues that have also stepped up to the plate to apply for the Hood to Coast Nuun Team! Seriously, I had fun filming my application and am still mega proud of it but when these ladies began posting their footage – WOW. These three teams of relayers are, without a doubt, going to be awesome!  Here are a handful of the ones that I’ve come across and fallen in love with already…

Jessica – Pace of Me

Ricole Runs

Run with Jess’ video on her blog.

…and then even more amazing women that I’ve discovered from the links on the side of the above videos!

Tiffany – Running Hutch: her video reminded me of the soundtrack to Juno, one of my favorite movies…

Vanessa – Gourmet Runner: A RAP! Interpretive Dance! Subliminal Messages! Are you serious? Pure awesome.

Zoe – RunZoeRun: So creative and funny! Love this whole skit.

Aren’t they amazing? If you’re inspired to shoot your own application, don’t delay!  The deadline is Monday, April 9!

Go here for more details.

What video was your favorite?

Edited to add:

Oh, and my lil ol’ video is here 😉


  1. Soooo awesome. I saw the Nike video the other night – it was a commercial during American Idol! My husband and I cracked up – he is NOT a runner at all so it really resonate with us. And the Find Your Strong Project – an Dorothy’s role in it — amazing amazing amazing!
    I love all the nuun applications I’ve been seeing. They are going to have a tough time deciding! I love your video — so happy you shared it!! I hope they pick everyone you featured in this post!!!!

    • Thanks, Jessica! LOL about the Nike video…I forwarded to my hubby and he said, “Wow! That’s you and me…” Haha….it made me laugh because if you read the comments on it on YouTube there are all these people saying it’s unrealistic /etc….hah!

      Isn’t Dorothy such a rockstar!? Wow.

      And YES! So many amazing applications. I am excited to see how it all turns out no matter what 🙂

  2. So many great applications out there, the competition is tough! I can’t wait until the teams are revealed. Ahhhhh it’s going to be a long 18 days… Good luck girl!

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