28/2 = 14.

I started the celebration of my 28th year of life with 14 beautiful miles at Lake Monticello yesterday! The half of my team that is training for the Country Music Marathon had 20 miles on the docket, so I joined in the fun for what was supposed to be 13.1 miles (I was participating in Jess’ Jelly Bean Virtual Run) – but I am directionally challenged….but it worked out anyway!

It took almost a whole hour to get home afterward (traffic related to the Charlottesville Marathon – where Leah ran a BQ time, WHOO!) but after a shower and some downtime, we were back on the road to Waynesboro to see Titanic in 3D in Waynesboro (they have a nicer digital theater).

Birthday princess!

The lobby area of the theater was very nicely appointed with comfy leather couches and ^ this ^ random fancy chair. I had to take a picture on it of course. Also awesome? The snack bar had a $5 combo for a small popcorn and soft drink! Perfect amount and best movie theater deal I have ever experienced…

Despite having seen Titanic in excess of 15+ (I know) I still cried. I know. I know.

After the movie, we headed to Plaza Azteca for dinner – it’s a chain and I enjoyed our meal back at the Williamsburg, VA location back in 2010 when we were in town for the Busch Gardens Christmastown 8K Dash. I ordered the exact same thing (a vegetarian combo called ‘Durango’ that includes a 1/2 mushroom quesadilla, and two enchiladas – one potato and one cheese). Hubs went with the fish tacos, and we had to try the fresh table-side-made guacamole…mmm!!

Hubs and his tacos!

I really enjoyed my meal and BOY the house margarita that I ordered was STRONG! I was just telling hubs that I didn’t need to order dessert when out came the entire restaurant staff singing and clapping loudly, popping a silly hat on my head!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

BOY! I didn’t realize that hubs had told the server that it was my birthday – must have been when I went to the restroom early on, hah! After the staff finished the song, they smeared whipped cream all over my face…fortunately for me, hubs didn’t get a video o pics of that!

We headed home after that and there was ANOTHER birthday surprise – I knew that hubs was ordering me a new Garmin for my birthday, but we didn’t think it’d actually get here on time 😀

Garmin 405.

Today is a rest/down day but after my allergy medicine kicks in, I am going to head out to test out my new running gadget. I am stoked – yesterday I truly ran ‘naked’ – no watch, music, etc – and while it was relaxing, it was also blind, since I have no sense of time or distance without technology…

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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