Twenty Tuesday (or why I am NOT running the Goofy Challenge…in 2013)

It’s true.

"just" 26.2

I have officially registered for the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon. My marathon + Disney obsession apparently knows no bounds. Okay, it does; because, as my caption says above, I am “just” running the marathon this coming Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

What does “just” a marathon mean?

Well, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is aptly named that because it really is a collection of events which involve:

  • Disney’s Health & Fitness Expo
  • runDisney Kids’ Races
  • Mickey Mile
  • Pasta in the Park Party
  • Disney Family Fun Run 5K
  • Walt Disney World® Half Marathon presented by Cigna
  • Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by Cigna
  • Downtown Disney® After Party

…whew, I am tired just READING all of that! But seriously, it is quite the production! Even before I became a runner, working as a CM, I remember the huge logistical set ups that were involved. It is incredible to be around all the energy and clockwork organization – this is probably the main reason that I will always be a fan of runDisney events.

So what are YOU doing, exactly?

I am running the full marathon (26.2) on Sunday, January 13 – it is very special for me because two years prior, I ran my first half marathon at Disney and I never dreamed at that point that a 26.2 was in the cards for me.

WDW Half Marathon, 2011.

The trip was exhausting – I had just returned from Christmas vacation with my family in Japan and was experiencing a bout of flu-like symptoms, which had only been exasperated by a 14-hour flight – but gosh darn it, i was going to conquer those 13.1, gosh darn it! And conquer I did! 2:04 went down in the books for my first long-distance race and what did I do to celebrate? NAP! Haha…okay, we did visit Epcot afterward and then went out to celebratory dinner with my bestie, Matthew, but it was definitely a low-key post-race experience.

26.2 sounds like a lot, I still don’t get it?

Sooo, there is this super crazy amazing challenge that Disney concocted back in 2006 – the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. As you saw above, Marathon Weekend includes a half and a full, right? Well, someone though it would be a great idea to combine them. Yes, you read that right, 39.3 miles in one weekend. Seriously. It’s a thing. Google it.

Wow! Well, you’re crazy, so why aren’t you doing that?

I cannot say that I didn’t think about it – even seriously consider it. However, I realized:

  • This won’t be my last runDisney race – if I run Goofy in 2013, what could I possibly do to top that?
  • 2013 is the 20th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Marathon. I want to celebrate that!
  • I want to run an impressive time.

Now, impressive definitely is a vague term, but I feel like it is not fair of me to guesstimate what my marathon time will be eight months from now. I would definitely NOT be disappointed in myself if this is not a PR (please hold me to this statement!) and you know what, I just want to soak it all in. As much as I realize I couldn’t have possibly worked at Disney forever, I really, really miss it. It occurred to me recently that runDisney events are basically my lifeline to my former life of backstage areas and ‘special’ Disney secrets that others would only dream of experiencing.

…and besides, Goofy will be celebrating its own anniversary soon enough – 2015 is what I’ve heard 😉

So this is final?

Yes. Did we also mention I am cheap? Upward of $300 to run nearly 40 miles in weekend sounds pretty insane, yes, and I do realize that it’ll cost even more by the time that I do finally “Goofy up” but really, race registration fever has got the best of me as of recently so my bank account is definitely thanking me for registering for “just” a marathon this go around.

Are you registering for the WDW Marathon? Have any questions about the experience? Let me know!

14 thoughts on “Twenty Tuesday (or why I am NOT running the Goofy Challenge…in 2013)

  1. So happy you will be there in 2013!!! I obviously agree with all your reasons to skip out on Goofy this year. It is definitely a race you should do at least once, but while you are getting faster, why not run fast at Disney. I obviously am biased, but I think Disney is an amazingly fast course. 🙂

    • You helped me find my answer, that’s for sure! I know that I want to keep running Disney, so you’re so right, Goofy will always be there…it’s too much of a profitable venture for Disney to get rid of…. 😉

  2. Good decision! I’ve done a couple of weird weekend combos (5k the night before a marathon, 10k mud run the day before a marathon), and really, I didn’t feel any more accomplished than “just” a 26.2. I thought about doing Goofy for a time but cannot justify the costs for a couple of medals that are really just going to hang with the rest of them… in a box.

    I do hope to do the Disney Marathon someday, if for nothing else but time!

    • Thanks, Julie. It’s good to hear from multiple marathoners that this was a wise decision. It certainly is easy to get swept away in the excitement of a big race weekend. If you ever change your mind about Goofy, come along the year I do it! 🙂

  3. I did Goofy this year and I definitely want to go back and conquer the WDW Marathon on its own, though probably not in 2013. There will always be time to do Goofy – I will probably try it again sometime, but I really missed the feeling of running my best marathon that day. I was so well trained and the race went as well as I could have hoped, but I know it wasn’t my fastest possible WDW marathon.

  4. Like you said, Goofy will always be there! No rush to get to it right away. Plus I agree you definitely need to appreciate the full by itself through the parks! 🙂 Yayyyy!!

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