Utah digs.

It dawned on me last week that June 9 really isn’t that far away. (what’s happening June 9?)

But distance wise, yeah it kinda is.

On top of the distance, I have to admit, I have never been to Utah.

Okay, scratch that, I have been to the Salt Lake City Airport, but I don’t think that actually counts.

Anywho, the race is in Provo, UT and the host hotel is the Provo Marriott, which appears to be downtown, by my observation on Google Maps – it is where the full marathon busses pick up (the race is point to point) and also where the expo is held. Since the marathon recently sold out, I was not surprised to find that the hotel appears to be sold out, so I did a little research on hotels in the area of the hotel (walking distance) and came up with a few…some more enticing than others, as investigated on Trip Advisor – these, interestingly enough were categorized as B&B’s, though it seems (I could be wrong!) that the only one that truly is is the Hines Mansion.

Yes, amazing, right?!


While I was quite enamored by the prospect of a library room (hidden passageway in a B&B room!?) it was a teeny bit on the pricey side, and since I wasn’t sure of the logistics at that point (Lizzie and I are traveling from VA to UT for this race, and my hubs was going back and forth about wanting to go) it would probably be more than a little awkward to show up, three of us to a B&B room! Haha…besides, if we were gonna stay somewhere other than Marriott, I thought it might be nice to stay somewhere more condo-ish with a kitchen, etc…

Enter Aspenwood Manor.

Location, price & ammenties = sold!

This unique extended-stay /temporary housing location functions as a short-term furnished apartment complex – all in a cool old historic home.

Very cool.


After reviewing the terms of agreement, tweeting with Lizzie and chatting with the hubs (yes, he is now on board!) I booked a suite here for three nights at an excellent rate. I am excited about arriving here on Thursday evening, acclimating to the elevation/etc and then relaxing until the race early Saturday morning.

In our lil apartment, we will have a full bathroom, kitchen, fridge, TV, two beds and keyless entry to the facility. I am  even more excited about our cross country jaunt now that we are laying some plans out.

Of course, this is just Phase I of planning, so if you have tips/recommendations for us regarding places to eat, things to do and the like, definitely leave a comment!


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