Podcasts for Running: Part I – a call for suggestions!

When I was training for the Shamrock Marathon, I was very lucky to be paired with my fellow Team in Training teammate, Jen – we ran a similar pace so long runs were never lonely; sometimes, we even had Zach with us (who was training for this weekend’s Country Music Marathon) or one of our coaches, Liz or Sarah. I never imagined how much I would look forward to those group runs – from the uplifting mood (we’d push each other through those miles!) to the fun conversations and camaraderie, I felt right at home each Saturday when we would meet.

This was a HUGE change from my training for Richmond…I ran all runs (short, long, 20 miles) alone. I did not mind this at all – I brought along my iPod (music down really low) and was good to go….well, except when I was busy doing things like falling into a mudslide

Alone on the trail...yes, I am holding my socks in my hand.

Now – training alone again, I’ve realized that I respect both scenarios – running can be a great solitary and head-clearing experience…and it also can be a social, fun event.

But let’s face it – anything over 15 to 16 miles – is LONG.

Tomorrow, I am facing 18 miles. The weather should be cool, my legs are fresh and ready, but I would love to have a running partner – in the form of a podcast. I have personally never done that, but it seems like something that would be kind of enjoyable over the almost 3 hours I will be pounding the pavement.

I’ve already issued a call on twitter and Facebook for recommendations, but if you didn’t see that, please leave a comment! I plan on sharing these findings in a subsequent blog post – as well as sharing my thoughts on listening to them after I try it out 🙂

Any podcasts you’d recommendDo you prefer running alone or with others?


  1. 90% of the time I run alone. I like some company during my long runs. My trouble is finding others that have reached the distance of 16, 18, 20, 21, or 22 miles. I enlisted friends and my husband to run parts of the distance with me. Three weeks ago, my hubby met me to run my last 6 miles. Last weekend, tfriends met me at the State Park. Each ran a different pace and distance, but it was nice to see others, that I know, during my long long (18 miles)

    • That is a good point! I’d love to enlist some friends to run portions of LRs with. Thanks for stopping by, Laurie! 🙂

  2. I like the Extra Mile and Run Run Live podcasts. You can find them both on iTunes or on their respective websites.

    I actually like running alone and attribute the mental skills that got me through Shamrock to training by myself and without music (except for very long runs and I even managed to do some of them without the pod).

  3. I love the Three Non Joggers, if you don’t mind adult humor (or is that 13-year-old-boy humor?). Running With the Pack was the first running podcast I listened to and it’s so encouraging. Also Run Run Live and the Two Gomers podcasts are great. And for non-running podcasts, I love This American Life and Snap Judgement. These last two are the best when I need something seriously interesting to keep me occupied at the gym on a treadmill or bike.

  4. I don’t know any podcasts for you – cords and I don’t get along very well! Plus, most of my runs are early mornings on quiet roads, so I like just listening to the world turn (that was pretty “earth child”, wasn’t it?)
    As for alone vs. group runs, they both have their place. When I train for me, I’d rather be alone – I can zone out or focus internally better that way. Group runs are great for me when I don’t have a specific goal – just running for running’s sake. That way, I can be flexible on pace or distance to fit with what everyone needs 🙂

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