La Brea Bakery (and why everything leads back to my favorite things)

A few weeks ago, I was wandering around Barracks Road Shopping Center…it was one of those days – drifting in and out of stores and finding NOTHING that I wanted (I was on a mission to buy new clothes/shoes for work). Defeated, I made my way into Harris Teeter, reasoning that maybe I needed a little perk up (there’s a Starbucks inside).

Instead of coffee, however, I was instantly drawn to the samples galore all around the produce and deli section – melon? Oranges? Teeny tiny pita crackers topped with brie? Yum!

Eventually, I made it a little further back to the bakery, where there were 1/4 size slices of bread in baskets, ready for me to nosh upon – don’t mind if I do – read the little card – Jalapeno Cheddar Loaf – oooh muy caliente! It was SO good, I literally smiled whilst chewing (not a good idea) then made a little loop around the bread counter and picked up one more piece. It was THAT good! And…it reminded me of SOMETHING…but I couldn’t put my finger down on it…

We had just made our grocery trip that week though, so I didn’t pick up a loaf…but it’s been on my mind since…so this past Sunday, on our way back from our countryside adventure I decided a loaf of it would be a great accompaniment to the strawberry spring salad we would have for dinner. And it definitely was! Spicy, with big cheddar pockets…yummmm… when I cleaned up the kitchen after our meal, I took a second look at the paper bag the loaf was in – La Brea Bakery…wait…could it be? THE La Brea Bakery?

Yay for having a fine grocery store...


Yes, yes it is.

And what significance is that, you might ask?




So once again, I am happy to report that happy things are somehow always related to each other…and all roads lead back to Disneyland 😉

What little thing made you smile this week?

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