Marathon Monday…a month out…

June 9th is coming!

Training has been going pretty well – I have re-evaluated the current training plan and have made adjustments for unforeseen random tiredness (being sick from allergies and woman things at the same time is awesome, let’s just put it that way) but I am rolling with the punches. Physically, the training has been fine otherwise – this cycle has been a lot more about mental challenges – are my goals too big? Should I be making B and C goals? Will the altitude wreck havoc on my race? Do I know what I am doing? Was a June marathon a good idea? YEAH, I think a lot

Anyway – phew – back to the physical aspect of training – I think the reason it’s been going so smoothly is because I have been running long enough now to discover the little things that make MY* running better: getting back into yoga,  listening to my body (if you’re sore from a hard work-out, that’s okay – if your muscles are telling you not to run – DO NOT RUN) and proper fueling.

For me, proper fueling means a small, easily digestible meal before any run that’s over 10 miles (like toast or a plain bagel – sometimes PB, or in a pinch, a donut) GU (about every 6 miles – my personal favorite is Vanilla Bean, though recently had tri-berry & I am curious about PB) and nuun – (an electrolyte-enhanced, yet sugar-free drink) in my water bottle. It took me a long time to find out what worked for me and I have to say – after four half marathons, two fulls and lots of training runs in between – I’d like to think I finally found my ingredients for optimal performance…

DQ Blizzards of course! 😉

Seriously though…looking back at Shamrock, I strongly believe that my time suffered not due to my training, but because of the oppressive temperatures (nothing compared to Boston, I know, but it was so different than what I had trained in, humidity-wise) which resulted in my excessive sweating and loss of electrolytes. My legs cramped, my feet were sore – all things that I had not prepared for, as I had never experiences in training.

Since I’ve incorporated nuun into my everyday routine (from workouts…to work) I’ve felt a lot more in control of my hydration situation. I already drink a lot of water, so adding nuun to the equation here and there has ensured that I am ready for anything – whether that’s an impromptu Bikram class or a run that has to be moved last minute from pre to post-work that day.

In the current flavor rotation…

As an alternate on the nuun Hood to Coast team, I am honored to represent a product that I so thoroughly enjoy – and I want to share the amazingness with my readers, too!

Keep on the lookout for an extensive review & giveaway on the horizon (!!) but in the meantime, if you JUST CANNOT WAIT to get some nuun in your hands, enter the promotional code bloggerslovenuunfor 15 percent off in the online store. Everyone has their flavor preferences, but you can try an awesome variety with their mixed packs or catch up with the team at an upcoming race expo near you:

MAY 2012
May 12  Muddy Buddy Austin
May 18  Rock n Roll Portland
May 18  Bay to Breakers
May 18  Marine Corps Marathon
May 25  Bolder Boulder

JUNE 2012
June 2  Teva Mountain Games
June 2  Rock n Roll San Diego
June 2  North Face Challenge DC

* I just want to emphasize once again that fueling is a very personal and ‘trial and error’ kind of thing. Since I began endurance and long distance running, I’ve tried many different fuel sources – chews, gummies, sugary drinks, drinks with artificial sweeteners, etc. THERE IS NO ‘RIGHT’ or ‘PERFECT’ solution for everyone.


  1. Obviously I LOVVEEEEE this!!! 🙂 Nuun is definitely a must have on my long runs. I’m hoping to FINALLY get to try Banana when I finally go to an expo they’ll be at for Portland Rock n Roll – haven’t been to a race with a big expo in a long time and I can’t seem to find banana in any stores!

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