14 minutes…

…until the start of my weekend!

(Not like I am counting or anything)



On tap:

Yes, no real plans other than taking it easy – sometimes those are the best kinds of plans – but okay, you caught me – there is one other plan for this weekend, which is squeezing in a 13 mile run tomorrow morning before we leave, but that goes without saying 🙂 Oh, and maybe one of these, finally, since I’ve abstained all week…


…and wouldja look at that? Now it’s only 7 more minutes 😀

What’s going in your world this weekend?


  1. Have a great weekend! I’ve skipped
    Te frappucino happy hour all week but from all the blogs I’ve read it looks like I am the only one. Have fun on Yor 13 Miler!

    • Thanks! I had to break it into several runs mentally for some reason, but it was a good run 😀

  2. You’re too cute. I’ve lived in DC for 10+ years and have never been to the National Harbor (didn’t register/run the Hot Chocolate 10K, apparently!) because it’s pretty inconvenient to get to. How was it?

    • Had lots of fun! Hope to get a post up soon 😀

      You should go when they’re doing an event or something…I agree, it’s not super conveninent to access, but it’s fun to walk around…overpriced though!!

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