What would you do?

I am not usually a procrastinator, but I have procrastinated big time booking a trip for the end of the month.

Fortunately, the tickets haven’t gotten ASTRONOMICAL, but I am faced with a bit of a dilema – maybe you could help?

First, the two exhibits…

Exhibit A: Delta

Delta Itinerary; $1482 but just 1 layover and 14 hours each way.

Exhibit B: US Airways

US Air Itinerary; $1199 but 2 layovers each, and 16 + 17 hour trips

Both itineraries involve me returning home the day after I leave Hawaii, but that was to be expected with the time zone change, etc. The other consideration is that I am a Delta SkyMiles member…but as I asked in the title header…




  1. Delta. Too much risk of being delayed with so many layovers on US Air, and you will get miles. In terms of the total price, the increase between the two isn’t huge, so I’d go with shorter trip, less layovers (and chance for delay) and getting the miles.

    • Thanks, Lizzie! I just booked…Delta! 🙂 My layover in Atlanta both outgoing and incoming is long but at least it’s just one!

  2. Girrrl, I have done the 2 hr layover thing. Last November, my first time in Hawaii, used Delta miles (and of course they didn’t make it easy. Stop in Minn/LAX/HNL). When I finally arrived I said, “this island better be worth the time to get over here!” It was, but I would pay the extra money. Just bite the bullet!

  3. More layovers = not only more chances for delays, but more chances for your luggage to be misdirected. If we were talking about a $200 ticket vs. a $500 ticket, I might be willing to chance it…but it’s a long flight and a big price tag anyway. $1500 vs. $1200 seems proportionally worth the extra money for less hassle.

    • So true about luggage, good point, Jen! Still not sure if I want to check a bag, but that definitely is a concern!

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