Taper Tantrum Thursday: Hey Mom, I’m in the Hook!

This afternoon, I am boarding a plane that will take me to Salt Lake City, Utah. Hubs and I will be traveling to a state that we have never visited – driving to a city we’ve only read about and on Saturday, I’ll be doing the 26.2 scenic sightseeing run also known as my third full marathon!

I am excited, nervous and experiencing those typical taper crazies – insanely checking weather, poring over the race’s facebook page for any updates I might not know about and doing my best to stay off my feet.

Thankfully, I have a few other things to distract me with during this trying time. Like, you know, being featured in the local news! 😀


Featured in the Hook!

I was so excited to see this in print – see, I had responded to a post on the Hook’s facebook page a few weeks ago, as they were looking to feature some runners for their upcoming Health and Fitness insert to the weekly publication. I figured I might get a teeny bit of real estate in the paper, but to my surprise (I received emails from coworkers who saw this in print before me) it was a prominent section! Definitely a cool thing to see 🙂

While I might not break any sort of records or anything like that, this made me even more proud to be a runner. Before I discovered running, I figured that some were just born without the athletic gene – and I thought that I was okay with that…but running definitely changed my mind!

Running makes me challenge myself, clear my mind and feel accomplished. If you’re reading this now and are not a fan of running, that’s totally okay. We can still be friends. But, I cannot stress this enough: know that you (yes YOU!) have passion. Maybe you’ve known that for many years, or perhaps you’re still trying to discover it – but it is there. I promise! And when you find it, you’ll know.

What drives you?



    • Thank you so much for your encouragement, Karen! I was sure to visit your blog for last minute playlist addition suggestions yesterday! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on being in The Hook! That’s awesome!

    GOOD LUCK SATURDAY!!!!!!! I’ll be thinking about you. Most importantly, have fun!

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