Monday, Monday (an Instagrammed-weekend recap)

This weekend was full of sleep…and yet, I am still tired!

I have a few ideas of why I am still exhausted though – let me present, Instagram-style!

New dress!

I woke up LATE on Saturday – 10 AM! Hubs was super sleepy too and so once he got up and about, he had to do some work stuff, so I walked to the mall and stumbled upon some great sales at Belk! I bought that dress…

New wedges + Lancome makeup (free gifts are awesome)

…plus these wedges, Lancome eyeshadow (it is so silky) and only paid $115 for it all! I call that a definite department store success! Yahoooo!

After my shopping adventure, I headed back home, Starbucks in hand, then hubs and I embarked upon a second trip – this time, it was to grocery shop – we hit up Sam’s Club and Kroger, then returned home and relaxed for a while…but if you know me, you know I can’t sit still that long, so before it got dark, I set out to log a few miles…

Saturday evening run!

Since I am still ‘recovering’ and deciding on my fall marathon plans, I quick-planned a varied run workout which included a “warm-up” run (2.5 miles to Charlottesville High School) – followed by some track laps (I ended up doing just 1 mile) and the run back home (2.5, respectively). For a total of 6 miles, I had just as many different paces (sub-7 for a portion!!) and it felt really fun to mix it up. The experience convinced me that as tough track workouts can feel, I should definitely get into them to improve my running – gonna look into some new shoes for this purpose, so if you have suggestions for lightweight track shoes, please comment 🙂 For the time being, I’ll probably use my Saucony Shadow Genesis (I have these in orange –  like these shoes a lot, usually wear them as TM shoes).

Sunday was pretty chill as well – started my day at Bikram, then made brunch for me and hubs – followed up by yet ANOTHER shopping trip – this time, for a bathing suit. Hubs went with me, and after 5-6 shops and about 8-10 suits, I found a winner! I’m excited – it fits well and seems pretty wardrobe-malfunction-proof, hah! I cleaned out my swimsuit collection soon after and tossed about 5 that I had been hanging on to for some reason another, as ill-fitting as they were…hah.

It wasn’t the most exciting weekend, but since I’ll be traveling again in just a few days, it was JUST what I needed. Though I am still a little sleepy-eyed, I’m ready to take on my short work week.

Do you prefer action-packed or R&R weekends?


  1. I just wear my trainers to the track, although I also like to race in my trainers. I like staying consistent.

    Re the weekend, I have three kids, so I’ll take any chance I can get to relax. After I took the kids to the zoo on Sat, the boss let me nap for 30 minutes. It was fantastic. Then she woke me up and told me to cut the grass. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

    • Hehe! Thanks for the advice, Sam.

      Relaxing is definitely a nice thing. It’s funny, I rarely do it, so my hubs kept pestering me on Saturday, “are you bored? are you bored? sorry we’re not out doing something fun…”

      Sometimes doing nothing is fun…sometimes 🙂

  2. I prefer both action and R&R weekends. I love having great adventures, but also need time to chill out, do some laundry, and get energized again for another week of work!

    • YES, laundry was definitely a good chunk of this weekend, too, how could I forget! Haha… 🙂

  3. I had a nice weekend, for once didn’t do much and Krissy, I watched War Horse. You and Eric should know that Eric’s great grandfather, George Wurtz, was in France during WWI. He was a soldier who both fought in the trenches and was responsible for teams of animals that pulled the big guns through the mud. I sort of got emotional when I saw those scenes. Of course, I knew that my grandfather had been in WWI and that he had spoken up when the Sergeant asked if any men know about horses and mules, but to see a graphic enpiction of what he actually had done was quite moving.
    I wish you a great week! It’s supposed to get hot, hot, hot here. Jenny

  4. Great post… and I’m totaly stealing your “sideways” self photo style. 🙂

    I perfer both. There are some great weekends to lay around and do absolutely nothing, and others when you bounce around all over the place. Always fun to do busy on Saturday and nada on Sunday.

  5. Hey Krissy! Found your blog through RunWiki and am loving it! Retail therapy sounds great…love the wedges! Just wore a pair to a wedding and my feet thanked me for not wearing stilettos! I see you live in Charlottesville – love that town, was there last year for a super hilly triathlon from Walnut park. Fun! Sounds like an awesome run, way to mix it up. Suggest the Saucony Kinvara for your track workouts or Brooks Pure Connect.

    • Thanks for the nice words, and for stopping by to comment 🙂 I will have to check out those shoe recs!

  6. I love some good retail therapy- especially when I score some good deals like you did! I love the dress AND the shoes- they are both super cute. Have a great week! I had lazy weekend too, that was kind of packed with tons of errands. Boo. I guess that is what happens when I have been gone the last two weekends.

    • Thanks, Tasha! I am excited to wear my new buys 🙂 I know what you mean about busy/out of town weekends – I have some more out of town time coming up so this was just what I needed!

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