From Hawaii…to HEAT

Beach-mode Krissy.

After many hours of travel, I returned to Charlottesville yesterday – quickly showered – and headed to work for two hours…crazy, right? Anyway, it wasn’t too bad, though I definitely had AMAZING sleep last night as a result of it all!

Today was my first day back at work…thankfully Fridays are quiet so I punched out the giant to-do list I had and was done right after lunch…just in time to get ready for a scorcher of a weekend…



We’ve got only one item on our agenda for this weekend, so the rest we plan to relax…preferably mostly indoors!

How hot is it where YOU live?

6 thoughts on “From Hawaii…to HEAT

  1. It has been unbearable hot here, 95 at night. I wanted to see if I could really indeed fry an egg on the sidewalk. Someday I will!

  2. It’s about the same temperature in DC too. Trying to figure out how early I need to get up tomorrow to get my run in. Otherwise, stay inside and stay cool is my plan for the weekend.

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