After weeks of hemming and hawing…

From L to R, clockwise: Before, After (back), After humidity and creeper eyes + better idea of the color.

I am so happy with my new summer ‘do – every single time I chop my hair, I make this little vow to myself that I’ll keep up with regular haircuts…but somehow, it never really works out! If I only had the commitment to beautifying myself that I did to things like marathon training, hah….


I had a cute story to share about my haircut experience though – see, I went to that super high-end establishment – you may have heard of it…La Hair Cuttery? Well anywho, there was a gentleman getting his hair cut next to me, and he was chatting with the stylist about his 2-year old son. He mentioned that his soon was getting a cut of his own (down the street at Snip Its).

A few minutes later, said son (and mama) came in and he ran right up to his dad. However, before giving his dad a big hug, he looked down at the grown and said, “WOW!” – pointing at all the hair that had been chopped off (my head).

Dad said, “that lady next to me is getting her hair cut, too. Doesn’t it look nice?”

The son smiled and said, loudly, “Yeah, it looks GREAT!” and he gave me a huge thumbs up.

Too cute! It made me glad that I went through with the haircut even more.

Do you have a stylist? Do you get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks?


    • Thanks, Danielle! 🙂 My hair grows SOOO fast but because it is thin, it gets really blah long…shorter makes it look fuller 🙂

  1. Love the haircut! It looks great! I have had the same woman cut my hair for years. I make the appointment for the next time when I amt here or I forget. I do go ever 6 weeks but that’s mainly because I color my hair and i can’t have roots 🙂

  2. Love it! I do have a stylist but I tend to go every 4-6 MONTHS. Things just get busy & I forget or it’s too expensive. Fortunately that ombre hair style whatever is in trend so I can pass off my roots as being in style. Lol. Poor Chrystol & what she has to deal with everytime I come straggling in!

  3. Your hair looks fantastic! That little boy seems to know his stuff about great haircuts! 🙂 Enjoy your summer and your new gorgeous do’. – The Snip-its Gang

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