Hawaii Recap, Pt V: Luaus and Lavaflows.

Courtney and me chillin’ at Paradise Cove Luau.

Tuesday was many of our last full days on the island, so we opted to do one last big family event: a visit to Paradise Cove Luau, located at the Ko Olina resort area (just a few blocks down from Disney’s Aulani).

It had been years since the last time I’d been to one (the last one I can recall was when Liann, Jenni and I visited the Polynesian Cultural Center) so it was kinda fun to partake in, as cheesy as they can be.

Lots of capacity.

We had gotten the military discount tickets, so we were kind of far back, but you could still see pretty well – and since we arrived about 1.5 hours before the festivities were to begin (they suggest early, so you can partake in an array of activities) we had lots of time to scope out the area.

Courtney got this sweet Whale tatt 😉

Around the complex, there were stations for lei-making, hula lessons, temporary tattoos, canoe rides and more.

Since the sun was still up, we took advantage of the lush surroundings for some more pics, too.

Me and mom.
Ladies! Cousins in the front row, sisters in the back.

It really was beautiful out there. It’s obvious why Disney would choose to be out here, too.

You can see Aulani peaking out in the back there.

About 45 minutes before the show officially started, the performers did a little presentation about the roasted pig.


Between that part and dinner, mom and I went over to the bar (drink tickets were included in the admission) and we ordered (virgin) lava flows! Yum, wish I had grabbed a pic of those…here’s a stock one so you can visually enjoy one too:

Like a pina colada…with strawberry flow! (source)

The show itself was well done – my favorite parts were the Tahitian dancers and the fire dancer…and the food wasn’t bad either 🙂 I actually really enjoyed the fish they served (random).


It really was a fun night and I am glad were able to all get together before everyone headed back to their respective homes. This trip back to Hawaii was short, but full of wonderful memories so I am thankful that I was able to be a part of it all.

Any Hawaii questions? I’d be glad to answer them in a future post 🙂


  1. Isn’t Hawaii just the BEST?!?!?!?!! Wow this looks so lovely. I’ve been to Hawaii 3 times but somehow have still NEVER been to a luau. I don’t know why, that just seems like CRAZY TALK! I must go.

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