Snack Review: Müller Yogurt

This past weekend at Kroger, as hubs and I were making the rounds for grocery essentials (soy milk, almond milk, bananas, random veggies of the week, eggs…) we happened upon a strange new sight in the yogurt case – there was no Fage to be found in its usual place, next to the Chobani, but a different brand, called Müller – in-ter-est-ing…


The packaging of this yogurt newcomer was unlike any other surrounding it – and included a huge variety of items! There were plain and Greek yogurt ‘Corners’ – kind of like the Fage division of yogurt and topping, but in a square form. I picked two of these: caramelized almond and blackberry & raspberry…and although hubs is usually an avid Yoplait Light fan, he was admittedly drawn-in to the dessert-like appeal of the “Fruit Up” and threw in a Luscious Lemon cup.

Once home, I Googled and Googled but to relatively low avail. At first, I thought I was going crazy! All I could find was information about the company in Europe.



Finally, I found an article that pointed me in the right direction…then another. Whew – I was a little weirded out at first that I couldn’t find anything!

That very evening – just hours after purchasing – hubs had to try his new buy. I didn’t take any photos of the experience but it definitely was a  positive one. As soon as hubs peeled off the foil wrapping, he was remarking about the fresh aroma of lemons! After his first bite, he exclaimed, “this has GOT to be bad for me, it tastes so good!”

I walked over, and sampled a small spoonful for myself….he was right! It literally tasted like crustless lemon meringue pie. I flipped the cup around to check for nutrition facts and was surprised that it wasn’t ‘worse’ – definitely a little high on sugar, but for the taste, it tasted ‘worth it.’

As for my two Corners, it was lunchtime testing on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday: Caramelized Almond.

I liked the packaging and the way that it’s easy to read nutrition facts, ingredients and the bold use of color.

Taste test Monday!

Inside, I couldn’t wait to take the first bite…MMM! It was really thick and creamy – not at all chalky or pasty – and had that tangy yum-factor – like the ‘tart’ fro-yo flavor. I scooped the almonds over into the mix in small batches and really enjoyed the taste sensation of crunchiness and creaminess…could it get better than this?

Oh yes.

Tuesday: Blackberry & Raspberry

Again, nice packaging. The lighting kind of makes the front hard to read, but the stats are on par with the Carmelized Almond variety, with 1 gram less in sugar, if I recall correctly. Still higher than a ‘plain’ variety, but this Corner is anything but plain…


As my caption SCREAMS, this variety is INSANELY DELICIOUS. It tastes like a full-on dessert – light years away from claims from that ‘other’ yogurt maker that proclaim in their commercials that they’re comparable to Boston Creme Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Banana Splits or Creme Brulees – this is the real deal. Sure, it has more sugar + fat, but I’d much rather consume sugar and enjoy the experience rather than partake in a watery cup of lower calories that will give me a headache later from the artificial sweetener.

So, if you’re in the market for a new yogurt to try, I’d definitely recommend Müller. I haven’t seen it at other stores yet, but it’s always good to know about other options in the protein market 🙂

If you’d like to try Müller Yogurt, they are / will be available in the following markets this summer: New York; Boston; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Hartford/New Haven, Conn.; Providence, R.I.; New Bedford, Buffalo, Albany/Schenectady/Troy, Rochester, N.Y.; Portland, Maine; Baltimore; Harrisburg, Norfolk/Portsmouth, Greensboro, Wilkes Barre/Scranton, Pa.; and Richmond and Roanoke, Va.

I was not compensated for in any way to try these new yogurts – in fact, as part of that Google search, it seems to me that there is not even an official US website or anything affiliated with the product line (yet). BTW, Müller, if you do need any taste testers for future products, you know where to find me! 😉


    • Definitely take a look at those ‘fruit up’ cups, they’re dessert-y and not yogurt-y, lol!

  1. Tried the peach flavored one just now. There is no way this can be good for me . Absolutely delicious…

  2. Thanks for the great review! I just discovered this for the first time today. I’m like you with the headaches from artificial sweeteners. I tried the almond one…higher in calories compared to other Greek yogurts but I knew that was from the nuts (so it was worth the treat). I found it very creamy and not as thick as some other brands. Very tasty! I will be adding it to my rotation of various yogurt brands. I found it at Stop & Shop in Central MA.

  3. Wonderful! I just tried the frut up strawberry…mmmmmm….like eating a parfait dessert! I’m a fan! Also looking forward to trying a couple other varieties in the fridge. But I will definitely be on the lookout for two you tried! Ah shucks, gonna have to try your husband’s flavor too…

  4. If you look at the nutrition facts for the fruit up yogurt they contain tilapia… as in the fish. I tried the passion fruit variety and it was delicious. However, I do not know how much I like eating yogurt that contains fish.

  5. The Fruit Ups has to be the best yogurt in the world; I’ve tried them all. I know it says tilapia in the ingredients, but I don’t care! The tiny bit used to make the fruit gel is not going to hurt anyone. Plus it’s in a lot of other products, but the other manufacturers disguise the name and a person doesn’t know ; but Muller had the integrity to list the ingredient!! Please keep making the Fruit Ups Muller!

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