Fairview 5K recap!

Another 5K down!

:13 faster than 7/4/12

Again, nowhere near PR, but this course was a little crazy..

Hilly? Hill yeah!

…as was the weather. Evidence?

Slippery when wet.

Yeah, around the 1/2 way point, it was POURING. BUCKETS. It made for some really attractive photos…

Right before Mile 3…

Seriously, do you want tips on how to look attractive when running a rainy 5k?



All kidding aside, I did enjoy this race for a few reasons…namely:

  • All proceeds are donated to charity – I have absolutely no problem with paying higher race fees if I know they’re going to a good cause (this one: American Cancer Society).
  • I didn’t make excuses / quit running – despite the fact that I really couldn’t see because an awesome mix of rain and sweat were blinding me for about .75 miles.
  • I met some new cool running peeps – remember my last 5K update and magical Allison? Well, I “met” her today and shared my blog with her 🙂 And, Leah introduced me to Jaime (who took 1st in her age group!!!! YEAH JAIME!)
  • I ran naked – um, no, not quite Meghann-style, but honestly, almost as scary: I ran without my Garmin.

The Garmin-less thing was something that I decided to do this week, after reading some of Dre’s posts about running for feel. I reaffirmed this decision this morning when Leah gave me a quick overview of the course (DOWNHILL then UPHILL). Um yup, I looked around at the start – surrounded by kids – and decided that today was not a day to PR – it was to judge my pacing skills.

And … surprise! I didn’t do so bad at all 🙂

Just like the last race, there were volunteers calling out times at mile markers.

Mile 1: 8:02, Mile 2: 16:04, Final time: 25:27 (not chip timed)

Considering I even split 1 and 2 and that last mile was rainapalooza uphill, I felt super good! I didn’t get anywhere near last race’s CRASH AND BURN feeling at the end of the race and still beat the last time by 13 seconds. All considered, I am looking forward to the fall even more for 5Ks and 10Ks to improve upon, and soon, even beat my standing 5K PR of 23:28!

Oh..and one more thing…I shared it this morning on twitter, but let me ask again, “WHY do I get more nervous race morning for a 5K than a MARATHON?!”



  1. Congrats on a great race! I am nervous to run without my Garmin, but just did it for the first time as part of a triathlon. I should do it more- it’s important to be able to ‘feel’ those paces. I can really nervous before 5k’s too because I know they are gonna hurt. 🙂

    • Laura, I think I need to keep working on my 5K strategy because although I felt successful on that comfortable pace, I’d like it to hurt a little more, you know? Does that make sense? I’ll have to find a nice flat course though 🙂

  2. Nice work! Great that you ditched the Garmin–I did a post on this last week. There’s a lot of value in doing that. And yes, 5ks can be nerve-wracking b/c you know they have to hurt!!

  3. Nice job! I did a half one time with no Garmin (didn’t charge right) and surprisingly my time was about the same as the one before it! Running for feel can be good for sure. I agree that 5Ks make me more nervous – it’s a distance that seems like it should be ‘easier’ but isn’t AT ALL. They hurt.

    • Thanks for the comment, Paulette! I find it quite interesting that everyone comments about 5k’s hurting – I guess I need to find my “push it” pace for 5K (I came close last month at a 2 mile time trial) and really see what I’m capable of! I have never hurt after one but kind of want to…

  4. Congrats!! How on earth do you get such consistent splits? Same exact time on mile 1 AND mile 2? dang, girl… and even with rolling hills!

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