…the rest of the weekend.

After the soggy 5K, the rest of Saturday was spent working on a paper for one of my grad classes, then…surprise! A date night with the hubs!

Cool mural on the wall @ South Street Brewery

Hubs had got it into his mind that we should try somewhere new and so ventured downtown to the South Street Brewery – it’s right off the main Downtown Mall area and kind of ‘blended in’ with the warehouses.

The meal itself was tasty – reasonable prices, too – but unfortunately, the service was severely lacking. First of all, when we entered the restaurant, the host excused himself to go clean up our table…so we waited…he came back, then took us to our table and handed us menus, but no drink menu (which would be okay normally, but this was a BREWERY! Weird, right?)

We sat there for about 5 minutes before the host walked by and realized we didn’t have any water – so he brought some – but still no sign of a server. Another 5-7 minutes pass before our server finally showed up, with no explanation as to where she was.

Motioning to our waters, she said, “Do you want anything else to drink?”

Hubs looked at me, then her, and said, “Well, we didn’t exactly get a drink menu…”

Nonplussed, she said, “Oh, I guess you want one of those, then?”


She brought one over, then left again.

About 2 minutes later, she returned and asked if we were ready to order drinks…which we did, as well as our food order because we had no idea when we might see her again.

Awkwardness aside, the meal was enjoyable and we both enjoyed our selections…fortunatley, the night took an even better turn afterward, as we strolled over to the new Paradox Pastry!

So much yum.

Upon entering, we were surprised to see how big the place was…and how AMAZING the pastry case looked! Paradox stays open ’til 10 and we arrived around 9ish so we were pleased to see how much variety (we thought!) there was for us to choose from. Turns out, the woman working the counter (who I believe is the owner!) mentioned that they had been super busy and apologized for the lack of choices! Hah! I loved the place even more when she said that!

We ended up choosing two items: the lemon hand pie & a ‘PB and Friends’ cookie – a big PB cookie with chocolate chips and pretzels on top! We took it to go – desserty-snacks for the main event of the evening: the Six Feet Under series finale.


I don’t recall when we started watching this series (via Netflix) but it was a little bit after we caught up with Dexter…which we obvious love (link proof: I, II, III) ANYWAY – we had a void to fill and so we decided to check out another series that featured Michael C. Hall and from the first disc of Season I, we were definitely hooked.

If you haven’t seen SFU before – wow – it’s just hard to describe! So many plotlines, interconnected-stories…and really strong characters! Never have I watched a show that successfully drew me in, episode after episode, with just as many highs as lows, laughs as tears and total, emotional immersion.

And if I thought the series was good – I had no idea how to prepare myself for the  *SPOILERS*finale.*SPOILERS*

Without giving too much away (because seriously, you WANT to see this if you haven’t, already) I can say with total confidence that it was one of those finales that just contains SO much emotional weight that you feel involved. I didn’t cry while it was playing, but the music, scenes and accompanying text are STILL playing in my head, more than a day later. Wow.

But back to the weekend…

Oh yes. Sunday was a nice sleep-in morning – made waffles and then did a Jillian workout before getting ready to go out – watching the final installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy was on the agenda, and for that, we once again journeyed to Waynesboro (nicer theater). Thanks to the ridiculous traffic, we missed the matinee, but took advantage of being out of town to do a little shopping for essentials (cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, all that kind of fun stuff) and grabbing dinner at a new (to us) Japanese restaurant.

Sashimi Bento Box

Osaka III (never figured out why all these restaurants have random numbers at the end) was highly recommended on Yelp so we decided to branch out and give them a try! What we found was a very tastefully decorated restaurant with Asian servers (non-Japanese, but hey, it’s Waynesboro ;)) The menu included sushi, sushi rolls, noodles, tempura, tonkatsu, hibachi meals and several combinations. Assured by the reviews on Yelp, I went with the Sashimi Bento Box (as pictured above) and was pleased: $15.99 for the items in the box (sashimi, sushi rice, shrimp dumplings and CA rolls) plus a small salad. I shared some of my meal with hubs, who ordered the hibachi shrimp and steak.

Timing worked out just right, as we headed back to the theater for the 7 PM showing. I really enjoyed the film and thought it was an appropriate ending to a very well-done trilogy – and great weekend, too.

4.5/5 stars 🙂

What was the highlight of YOUR weekend? What’s your favorite TV series – past or present?



    • Haha, Sw+eat session, love it. I miss me some RAMEN! Mmmm…

      BTW, are you around SoCal Tinkerbell Half weekend?! We’ve to got to try and meet again, lol 🙂

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