Tune-in Tuesday:Playlist additions for Work(ing Out) and Play.

Today, I share two songs that have recently been added to my iTunes library (when hubs purchased his new MacBook, it came with a $100 iTunes gift card which I was gifted since my student discount was used to purchase his new toy):

“We Run the Night” Havana Brown feat: Pitbull

I heard this song on the radio and disliked it – but for running or doing a hard, fast workout – boy does it sound good! 🙂

“It’s Time” Imagine Dragons

A friend posted this on FB and I really liked the sound of it! It’s a good song to listen to when reading or writing – or, last night, I challenged myself to plank for the duration of the song (4 min) and it was a lovely accompaniment 😉

What are you listening to? Any suggestions?

I have a guest post on Jennifer’s blog today about the runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon! 🙂

Check it out here!


  1. I seriously need new music on my ipod! I don’t have many to begin with but apparently the shuffle feature has favorites cause I always end up hearing the same songs on every run!

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