The Olympics.

So, yesterday I revealed something that I had been keeping cooped up for the past few weeks…

Just being honest.

It was weird…I had been thinking it the past few weeks – I mean, there’s nothing I have against the Olympics – I mean, it’s amazing what these athletes do! I am totally inspired by their superhuman abilities, but watching sports on TV? It’s not really my thing.

Now, considering the fact that I tweeted about it all kind of is ironic, as Olympic fever has seemingly crashed twitter, and thus the fact that I contributed to it (in as small of way that I did) would then prove that perhaps maybe, underneath my nonchalant attitude toward the summer games – maybe, just maybe I am a huge Olympics fan. After all, aren’t the Olympics a mystical occurrence that descends upon the planet Earth every few years to bring peace to the world and unite us for 17 (?) days. Shouldn’t that make me feel fuzzy wuzzy and excited?

Well…sorry to disappoint, but I am not.

As I pondered my uncharacteristically neutral thoughts about the situation, I tried to pinpoint the focus of my overall “nothing” feelings – and I narrowed it down to a few things:

  • The location of the Olympics. See, it occurred to me (today, actually) that in the past, it seemed that the particular locales added to the intrigue of the games for me. I remember when the Winter games were in Nagano, Japan (1998) – I was living in Japan at the time so it seemed really exciting that they were going on so close-by. 2016? Brazil sounds really neat, actually! But London?! Eh, I don’t know, it’s never been somewhere that sounded that interesting to me.
  • My own attention problems. I am not a fan of watching sports on TV. Even if it is a sport I like…which brings me to the point that –
  • The Olympics have a LOT of sports. Yes, this is obvious, but lots of sports means…lots of programming. We don’t have fancy DVR or whatever new-fangled gadgets people have these days, so that means being chained to the TV for more than two weeks? Planning my (admittedly devoid) social life around a time zone far removed from my own? Eh…sounds too complicated.

Regardless of my personal feelings of general Olympics fever in general, I do have to say this: I am definitely inspired by the talents of the many athletes who will be representing their respective countries. I wish them all well (especially Team USA and Japan) and am completely assured that their success will not be dependent on the status of my posterior being planted in front of our television…

Cool image that J&A Racing posted (source)

So, in the great, positive spirit of the Olympics…let the games begin! If something happens to be on that seems interesting…I’ll watch it, I guess πŸ˜‰

What sport are you most looking forward to seeing?

(OK, I have to admit, I am kinda/sorta hoping The Marathon will be on when I happen to have the television on)


  1. I think those are all valid reasons, it’s not your thing, it’s okay. For me, the Olympics is the only sporting event/ extravaganza I enjoy watching on television, but that’s because I have happy childhood memories or watching with my parents.

    • Hey Colleen! Thanks for your comment – I would definitely have different thoughts if the games had significant meaning like yours.

  2. I LOVE the Olympics but I can see where you are coming from. I do have one of those fancy DVR machines πŸ™‚ though so that helps. I don’t care for the marathon though. I like the 100M, 200M and those sort of races but the marathon seems boring to me. I watch it anyway but that’s because I am obsessed with the Olympics. I don’t care for the Winter games quite as much but the Summer games make me feel patriotic. I am eagerly waiting for the Beach Volleyball!

  3. Nooooo this makes me so sad. BUT you can look at the schedule and figure out when exactly the marathon is going to be (women: August 5th (Sunday) at 11am ET, men: August 12th (Sunday) at 11am ET.) Problem solved. WATCH IT.

  4. If I turn it on and track and field or the marathon is on, great. Otherwise, I’d rather just watch baseball. I dunno. NBC always seems to spend about 80% of its time over-dramatizing bios on the athletes and 20% of its time showing sports. I just like to watch sports.

  5. I love the Olympics too, but it is info over load. It is also lame that we already know the results before the competition airs for us. SInce I don’t have a lot of time to sit in front of the TV I downloaded the NBC Olympic app. It has kept me up to the know on who is doing what. My husband also cancelled our TV for the summer so our reception for “free” TV is somewhat limited. πŸ™‚

  6. London is a remarkably awesome place. I spent a few weeks there in college. So much history, and so much appreciation of history. Things there are actually old and historic, not like 70 year old brick buildings here. Check out some of the track events — you’ll be surprised at what you like I bet.

    • Hey David! Thanks for the comment.

      I will probably catch some running stuff if it’s on – I did see a little bit this weekend and it’s exciting..for a few minutes. πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m with you; no interest. I don’t watch Opening Ceremony aside from a few minutes of seeing what different countries’ people look like when they’re marching in. I don’t care who wins each sport. I might check out some of the marathon because I love running, but I might not. And I don’t care about men’s swimming at all. I think it is really great that the Olympics exists, and I am happy the world can come together for this huge event. But beyond that, I just don’t care.

    • I think it is really great that the Olympics exists, and I am happy the world can come together for this huge event. But beyond that, I just don’t care.

      NAILED IT!

  8. Yay for the Olympics! No matter which country loses and which wins, never mind who wins or loses any individual competition, during these fabulous days we’re all of us winners! πŸ™‚

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