OMG. Shoes.

The changing of the guard.

Base-building for my winter marathons (and fall random race events) has been going pretty well! This morning, I knocked out 10-miles at Riverside Park with the Charlottesville Track Club Marathon Training Program group at a 8:35-ish pace. Though it was freaky humid, the temperature was actually pleasantly low (mid-70’s).

Today’s run energized me and made me feel excited about marathon training again – it certainly wasn’t “super easy”  – but the combination of a flat course and mid-run “pushed” miles (sub 8’s) reminded me that building speed and mileage is a current “work in progress.”

Also, I realized that my poor shoes were probably on their last legs.

The shoes today? My Mizuno Wave Rider 15’s – which have now reached about 340 miles. This seemed a bit lower than what I could get out of the Ride 3’s, but definitely not bad, considering all the road running these shoes have seen (these shoes also pushed me through the Blue Ridge Half and the Utah Valley full).

My next pair, are, as pictured above – another pair of WR 15’s. They’ve been good to me, and it doesn’t hurt that I won these a few months back in a twitter chat 🙂

But – if you follow me on twitter/instagram…you know that I have a bit of an… relationship – with my shoes.

Yup, WR 15’s and I are not exclusive.

Brooks Pure Project: Pure Flow


I picked up these pair back in June at Sports Authority when I was in Hawaii – I had a $10 coupon (from the UVM goodie bag) and brought it along since we don’t have SA’s here in VA. I had been curious about the Pure Project series and so after some research and a quick try-on – I was sold. I’ve been doing shorter runs in these and am in LOVE with them! You feel closer to the ground…but still have cushiness (is that a word?!?!)

In fact, I could see myself moving to these exclusively after a while, but I want to see how they do on higher mileage first.

Also had to mention – while I never recommend to choose a pair of shoes based on appearance (favorite colors, etc) it certainly doesn’t hurt that these are pretty. Also…check out the kids version that Becka pointed out – I might just have to order these myself!

Pure Flow. Pure Magic. Pure PINK.


In addition to these above shoes…there will be yet ANOTHER pair entering my running party…thanks to this:


Thanks to YOU (seriously, thank you – friends, family, fellow runners) I won a pair of New Balance running shoes after receiving 123 “likes” on Facebook in the Reach the Beach Relay shoe sweepstakes. It took me quite a while to pick out my free pair of shoes, but after tons of review-reading, I went with these:

New Balance Minimus Zero


These, of course, are another minimal sort of shoe. At 4.4 oz, they are EXTREMELY lightweight (for a comparison, Brooks Pure Flow are 7.5 oz and Mizuno Wave Rider’s are 9 oz) and meant to be worn interchangeably with or without socks.

I plan to write a full review of these shoes so stay tuned for my thoughts on these 🙂

What shoes do you run in?


  1. I think I’m the exact opposite of you. I wear Saucony Guides. If the current models are 5s, I find 4s online and get them cheap. I wear them for training, racing, trails, roads, treadmill … haven’t worn anything else since 2008, other than a pair of trail shoes I wore once for a 50-miler in 2009, plus a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixers I bought in 2008 that I’ve run about a half-dozen marathons and maybe 2 or 3 5Ks in.

    • I tried to keep in my older models as long as possible but I think I have the most common girl shoe size (7) and so I can never find them after the new models come out 😦

  2. OMG is right!!! wow…. im so happy you won those, i kept seeing the contest on facebook but since i wasnt running NJ (and yet to commit to NH rtb) i didnt want to try to win. i have a pair of those NB minimalists that i dont run in (my toes are too long… odd, i know but true)… but i won those at a boston blog meet up so i dont feel so bad. anyway, im DYING to order the pure flows, so im glad you like them. they will be ordered this week, i just need to get sized. i heard they arent great in the rain though so be careful. good luck in your winter marathons!! im hoping to run in the pures for my fall marathon 😉

  3. Right now I have Brooks Ghost 4 but they are miles past thier prime and need to be retired. I have Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s on the way. They should deliver Wednesday. I really had a hard time finding my new shoe. My husband has Saucony and loves them, my mom got them and hates them. I had heard so much abotu Mizuno from Twitter I decided to get a pair. I hope they are fabulous. I overpronate and have pancake feet, as the hubby calls them. The minimalist shoes look awesome but I don’t know if I could wear those. I love the color of those pure flows though!

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