$8 on the 8th…at 0800.

I interrupt the usually scheduled wordless wednesdays for a very special feature on the blog today:

Don’t miss your chance!

Somehow, the number 8 seemed to be making an abnormally high amount of appearances (see Monday’s post for reference) and so I got to thinking…8’s are lucky numbers, but with even more 8’s, the luck just piles up higher and higher, right?! I mean, even look at the year, 2012! 20-12=8. Coincidence? I think not!

So, here’s the deal…just LEAVE A COMMENT on this blog anytime from the nanosecond after this post is up from 8 AM to 8 PM for your chance at a $8 giftcard to Starbucks. Depending on how YOU order, that could be 1-3 drinks!

No posting, tweeting, dancing, jumping, marathoning, singing, hokey-pokeying or additional craziness necessary 😉

…leave the crazy to me 😉

Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be announced on the blog on Thursday morning and $8 will be delivered via Starbucks Card eGift. Winner will have 24 hours to claim prize before 2nd choice winner is drawn.

So what are you waiting for? It could be YOUR lucky day! 🙂

31 thoughts on “$8 on the 8th…at 0800.

  1. Just in time for Pumpkin Spice Latte! Meanwhile there were 8 comments on here when I clicked. I almost hated to ruin it.

  2. I ❤ the number 8. I was born in 88. I SO wish my mom had been induced on 8/8/88… I was just a little under a month too late for that. Happy 8/8!!!

  3. I heard a lady on the radio a few years back that said the number 8 was a lucky number related to money. She even suggested to carry around a piece of paper with the number 8 on it.

  4. 7 was my lucky number on Sun – won free pair of shoes from Philadelphia Runner thanks to Bolt winning in lane 7! Hope 8 is lucky for me too!:-)

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