More 8 action.

28 comments were collected on yesterday’s $8 Starbucks Giveaway! I fired up the ol’ generator…and…


Number 15!!!

Congrats, Jill of JogPlanet! Please email me at khiguchi at gmail dot com so I can confirm your email address and get you one step closer to some sweet Starbucks 😀

In other fun news, have you ever seen Wonderfalls?


I had never seen it before – but hubs mentioned he had watched it when it was on 100,000 years ago (or so) and so we placed them into our Netflix queue and – well, we’re already on Disc 2. I am so sad that it only lasted one season because it is so funny and awesome. I am super bummed to find out that it only lasted one season.

Anyway, when I finish watching all the released episodes, I am sure I will have more thoughts, but until then, I’ll enjoy the quirky ride.

Any favorite shows you love(d) that never got the attention they deserved?


  1. OMG Wonderfalls! We watched the few episodes that actually aired on actual TV, then rushed to get the DVDs when they came out. I think we ended up watching the last 5 episodes in one day, because we just had to know how it was all going to end.

    Another single season we have on DVD is The Middleman. Weird funny sci-fi, and it crushed my heart when they cancelled it.

    • After the first episode of Wonderfalls, I immediately jumped onto Google to see what information I could find on it. I was thinking it would be perfect adapted to a comic or graphic novel form…

      I will have to check out The Middleman – sounds right up our ally, though sad to hear about another good 1 season show!!

  2. There are so many shows I watched on Netflix that were old shows that got cancelled: Friends with Benefits, What About Brian, Beautiful People…. ok they’re not the best shows, but they caught my interest. One show that had the worst cliffhanger and got canceled was Las Vegas.

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