2012 Fall and Winter Race Schedule.

This weekend, I will be running the Leesburg 20K – a race I had heard about a few months back, but just decided to commit to, since it fits pretty well in my base-building/marathon training. I’ve never raced a 20K before either, so I am looking forward to a new automatic PR 😉

Besides that race, I realized that I have not spoken / posted much about how the rest of 2012 is shaping, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to do so:


Pepsi 10K – 9/15/12 – this is a local race that benefits the Special Olympics – I haven’t run a 10K race since October 2010 and though I am in better running shape now, it’s doubtful I will PR due to the course elevation (the PR happened in DC at Haines Point – beyond flat). Still, should be a great race and I look forward to it.


About the cross the finish in 2011!

Stonewall Jackson 20-miler – 10/6/12 – I ran this last year and LOVED it – takes place in Fredericksburg and is low-key and awesome. The only problem is that I will need to switch out long-run coordination with my Marathon training group because I am supposed to set up that weekend – hope I can get that taken care of because this race is one of my favorites.



Wine and Dine Half Marathon – 11/10/12 – This is hubby’s first race and I am running it with him! So excited to A) Run at Night, B) Be back in Orlando during Food and Wine Festival C) See all my pals from my Disney days!!


Note: I am also contemplating registering for the Jingle Jungle 5K because, c’mon, how often do you get to run through Disney’s Animal Kingdom?


Three Bridges Marathon – 12/2/12 – the big bad Boston Attempt #2 race. We shall see how this goes…

I am pretty excited about how everything’s fitting into place and I continue to exercise caution in this training cycle, as injuries are “not welcome to this party” as Jillian Michaels might say.

What’s the rest of your 2012 look like, race-wise? Do we have any overlaps?


  1. It sounds like you have selected some great races! It looks like my fall will have a couple of 5ks and maybe a 10k. I want to run a late spring marathon since I won’t be doing Boston now. I am just playing it by ear right now. 🙂

    • Thanks, Tasha! I am stoked about these upcoming events, too! Good to have a nice variety 🙂

      I hope to be out in your area in May!!! Hope I can see you then!!!

  2. No overlaps, but I will (hopefully) see you in Jan! Totally do the 5K. I like to just walk them and be casual about it. . and again, how often do you get to run through DAK? My old stomping arounds 🙂

    • I miss DAK so much! I did a Guest Relations exchange there for 6 weeks and it was so laid back and fun working there!!!

  3. Jingle Jungle Run? You have to!!!!! for the rest of us who don’t have races as exciting as that. haha!! first time at your blog! 🙂 can’t wait to read more!

  4. The races you select always look like fun or are beautiful… I need you to do my race schedule, seriously .. wouldn’t it be fun to a race schedule exchange and blog about it?

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