Ten years ago…


The Washington State University Facebook page posted the above picture yesterday with the simple caption, “Students on their way to class on the first day of Fall Semester 2012! Go Cougs!” – and though it should have occurred to me already – it dawned on me, fast and furious, that it’s been TEN YEARS since I started my freshman year.

Me in my WSU shirt, circa 2002.

I had moved from an Air Force base near Tokyo, Japan all the way across to the Pacific Ocean to the small, rural college town of Pullman, Washington. Although I could have chosen any university in the state, I chose WSU (Wazzu) for a few reasons:

  • Excellent Communication program (the Edward R. Murrow School – now the College of Communication)
  • Scenic (albeit hilly) campus
  • Drastically different…I had never lived in the United States before – and certainly not in a non-city environment

I spent four awesome years in Pullman – changing my dorm four times, and thankfully, my major only once (from Journalism to Public Relations). I loved and loathed those ‘uphill both ways’ walk-commutes to and from class and definitely earned the ‘cougar calves’ that carry me on my runs today.

Looking back at my college days, I have to smile. I met so many amazing people – friends, classmates, professors and TA’s – they all made my experience memorable.

So, at this decade milestone, I just want to say THANK YOU, WAZZU – for everything you did for me. I’ll never forget you.

Where did you go to college?

9 thoughts on “Ten years ago…

    • We had our reunion last month but I didn’t go…it’s weird, with FB and stuff these days, I really had no desire!

    • Aww lovely Pullman 🙂

      I am sure I told u this before, but my sister is at WSU Spokane for her last semester now 🙂

  1. Oh Krissy – I still like you even if you are a Cougar! 🙂 My brother went to WSU as well (and actually my sister did her first year there before transferring to UW). I actually went to Western (but grew up a Husky and still consider myself a Husky!). I’ve only been to Pullman once but I’ve since learned I need to go back to try Ferdinand’s ice cream.

    • LOL, thanks Emily 😉 I actually had to choose between Western and WSU – they were the two schools I applied to 🙂 Bellingham is so beautiful!!

      The main reason I didn’t apply to UW is that I was worried that I’d be too distracted to study because I love Seattle so much, haha 🙂 Oh, that and the year that I was starting, schools across the nation were bursting at the seams with incoming freshmen classes and I heard that UW was going to triple up their dorms! I was not excited about that idea – WSU gave me a single room! WHOO!

      And YES, Ferdinand’s Ice Cream (and CHEESE!) is amazing.

  2. I can’t believe you went to WSU. I lived in Pullman for a few years (I think it was a boyfriend) maybe it was my work…tee hee that brought me there. It is a great college town, I remember the movie theater with couches and a bar called “The Office”. so funny

  3. go cougs! obviously i went to and am still going to WSU….you need to come visit me in May for graduation and Bloomsday!!!

  4. I went to Brigham Young University (BYU) and majored in journalism. Money-maker right there. Loved my time there, but really have zero school pride. My boyfriend went to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and I’m thinking converting over my fan base to the south. 🙂 I do miss the Utah mountains though! So, so beautiful! I have fond memories of going up to the canyons and building bonfires to cook s’mores.

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