I ran my favorite race a year ago!

Last year, I ran many races (including my first FULL >> The Richmond Marathon) but if you had to ask me what my favorite race was in 2011, it would definitely have to be the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Posing at the Expo!

This race was a favorite of mine for many reasons (I wrote a guest post here) including:

  • Earning a great PR (1:48 at DL after a 2:04 at WDW)
  • Enjoying Jamba Juice after the race
  • Sharing the Disneyland love with my hubs

Yes, our trip out to the West Coast last year was hubby’s first trip to Disneyland. We were so lucky to have INCREDIBLE weather and a few extra days to spend sightseeing in Southern California.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

This Labor Day weekend, we’re jetsetting again…but not to the best coast, but to the heart of America – Iowa!

Yup, we’ll be back visiting hubby’s side of the fam for a few days, which should be a nice change of pace. I am looking for places to run so if you know of any awesome things in Central Iowa happening between today and Tuesday, let me know 😉 Can you BELIEVE I missed a local half marathon by just a few days? Ugh!

What are your Labor Day weekend plans?

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