Mileage adjustment.


After returning late on Tuesday night, waking up with less than 5 hours of sleep on Wednesday for work didn’t sound ideal, so I slept in until 7 AM (!!) and decided that I’d do a treadmill run after work and before my evening class.

Sounded like a good plan.

All day at work, I made sure that I’d be ready for my (semi-scheduled) seven miles. I drank nuun throughout the day, ate a basic turkey sandwich for lunch and changed clothes as soon as I arrived home (no excuses)!

I was stoked for that treadmill run, for a few reasons, including:

  • My allergies were THROUGH the roof. As in, nasty sneezing, throat yuckiness and watery eyes. The nice, A/C of the gym and treadmill sounded like a great treat.
  • HUMIDITY. After a few weeks of decent weather, that yuck-ness is back. In full force.
  • I was hoping to run a really controlled pace (AKA slower than what I’ve been running the past few days on vacation).

Alas and alack, as I so spoiled this post with that tell-tale photo, but soon after I arrived at the gym, I found that SOMEONE had broken the electrical plug on the dang treadmill. AGAIN. I mean, this has happened before! I don’t know what’s wrong – super lame cord? Super lame treadmill? Super lame SOMETHING, I don’t know, but the dang treadmill is dead. Done-zo.

I called the Property Management office, but of course, it was after hours so all I could do was leave a voicemail. Boo.

At that point, I had a choice: run or…not run. I was ready to run! But my mind was conditioned for the luxurious indoor version. Blargh.

After I had my mini-moment, I marched back up to our condo, dropped off my headphones, bottle of water and keys, grabbed my Garmin and was back out the door for a ‘rough it’ run. It was only three miles, humid and generally miserable, but I did it…and try as I might to lower my pace, I think my agitation just kept pushing me, and I ran a near Marathon Pace run.

After I finished, I realized that tomorrow (today) would be a better day, and I’d run something like seven miles before work. Oooh, wishful thinking on my part! I arose at 5:30 AM, on tap for seven, but after three, I felt beat down by humidity even more oppressive than the day before (a later consult of told me it was 94 percent).

Through the swampy fog, I mustered up the guts to push it one more mile, taking it to four even.

Tonight is my run club, so three more should be on tap (hope the weather improves by then, we’re in thunderstorm watch right now, and it was a drenching drive to work).

So, my mileage is way off from ideal (I was hoping that I’d be at 17 by now, and I’m at seven) but life goes on. Adjustments are okay, and I am still proud for getting my butt out there πŸ˜‰ Saturday is the long group run out at Whitehall (countryside) and I hope it’ll be a BIT drier!

How do you adjust your schedule due to environmental roadbumps?


  1. Whether it’s on my bike or on foot, there are some days when being outside here is just unbearable, and I’m sure unhealthy. Our gym is limited in equipment (3 treadmills and 2 are always broken), so there are many times when I have to resort to a DVD at home. My favorite is Billy Blanks Ultimate Bootcamp–it kicks my butt, literally. LOL The weather seems to be “cooling” a bit in the mornings, so if I have to resort to walking/jogging outdoors, it has to be super early.

  2. Man I haaaate running in the heat and humid air! That’s why I go early in the am to avoid it if possible!! Happy thursday! Spalove!

  3. It’s great that you keep on pushing through the adverse conditons! I am sure that you will encounter many of these types of conditions on future runs, so just tell yourself it is good experience!

  4. I hate when life gets in the way but you should be proud of what you did accomplish so far this week. Just think, summer is almost over and we will soon be seeing much nicer weather.

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