Droppin dollahs.

…on race registrations, of course!

Fresh to the line up:

Jingle Jungle Family 5K

Yup, after some (internal) debate, I decided to go for it. Especially, since, y’know, I need more miles as I get deeper into my marathon training schedule 😉

Pepsi 10K.

I am so excited for these new additions! For the 5K, I have big plans on dressing Christmassy and just having a blast – it’s untimed so I am just so jazzed to meet up with my fellow runDisney fans and have a blast running through Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

The 10K, on the other hand, well, I am going to see if I can usurp my current 10K best (49 minutes). This will heavily depend on environmental conditions (code: HUMIDITY) but no matter what, I am glad to run a great local race for a good cause.

In other race news, I am also pleased to announce that I have come up with a very fun idea for a Team Sparkle-inspired villain costume….but I am not going to reveal it…yet!

Here’s a hint though, it uses this skirt:


Any guesses? 😉

Signed up for any races lately?! Which ones?!


  1. Slower 1/2 will run Undy 5000 5K on Sat 9/8 and Philadelphia Rock N Roll Half Marathon on 9/16! We’ll both run Chicago Marathon on 10/7. Then the 2013 Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge & Princess Half Marathon, too! 🙂

  2. I spend beaucoup bucks on races, but hey, running is my passion and it’s a win-win situation (maybe not so much for my bank account). I’ve got 16 races this year, 17 when I sign up for the Stonewall Jackson 20-miler! 🙂 Is there a RAA (Running Addicts Anon) in the DC area. Only I don’t want to be anonymous. Loud and proud! 🙂

    • I want to register for Stonewall Jackson so bad but I need to get someone to sub for my running group long run coordinator that weekend 😛 I haven’t got any volunteers yet 😦

    • You should! And Run Team Sparkle ones are SO light, you barely notice them…well, besides ppl cheering for you and your skirt, loL!!

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