Tune-in Tuesday: More Running Playlist additions

Hey, all! Thanks for TUNING IN to another episode post of Tune-in Tuesday! 😉

Here are some recent additions to my playlist – all rocked my race this past weekend and are very different, so hope you enjoy!

Walk the Moon – Anna Sun: heard this song on the radio recently and really like the driving beat…and I admit, I do sing this out loud when running! 🙂

Jayme Dee – Tip Toes: SO poppy. It is such a bouncy song! Sometimes you need a good song like this for your playlist 😉

PSY – Gangnam Style: Okay, unless you live under a rock, I am sure you’ve heard this song! 😉 Haha, even my hubs knows it! I added it to my playlist last minute on Friday night and it was such a good decision. I love it. I am going to try and run dance it too! Muhha. I laughed so hard when Psy appeared on SNL this weekend, too!

Any song recommendations this week?


    • I’ve only heard that first radio single, but sounds good so far! Thanks for the rec, David!

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